Basic Information
Draconium Influence Purple
Dragon Hyve
Crew Army of the Dragon Crew
Crew Position Leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Wolf
Voice Actor Trevor Devall

Wulph is the 17 year old leader of the Army of the Dragon Crew, best known for their use of purple Pack-class dragons. His name is derived from the word 'wolf', a pack-animal, which best describes both his draconium colour of influence as well as the behaviours of his crew.

Wulph is a secondary character, not making very many appearances and when he does, viewers are usually uncertain what side he'll take. He has taken both sides before and often switches sides, making him extremely unreliable.

Wulph wears purple, matching his crew, most of the time with his insignia on his back. He has a scar over his eye, supposedly from one of the challenges at The Academy, having to compete against your own dragon. He and his dragon, Hyve, went for the same piece of White Rappel Gear, and upon contact it deployed, hitting both in the face.


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