Word Paynn
Word Paynn 3
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Black
Dragon Abandonn
Crew Dragon Eye Crew
Crew Position Former Leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Word Pain
Voice Actor Mark Oliver

Word Paynn is the 50 year old father of Moordryd Paynn and the main antagonist of the series. He has a vast knowledge of the legends of the Dragon-Human War thanks to his training with the Dragon Priests, and it is he who wants another war to start so he can control the world. Word has highly developed abilities and reactions, as seen from his training with the ancient Dragon Priesthood in Episode 0: The Alchemist, as well as throughout the series for just seconds each. Word is one of the most seen characters, besides Moordryd and the Penn Racing Crew. He believes that a war in inevitable, so if he can cause it to happen in controlled conditions, then he can control both the war and whatever benefits it can give to him, and minimise the impact that the war will ultimately have on Dragon City.

Throughout the first half of the series, he plans much in the way of stealing the dragon of legend, Beau, as he recognises the potential the dragon has to control all other dragons. He plans to drive a wedge between dragons and humans alike and says he believes that dragons should rule, so long as he rules them. He almost succeeds several times at obtaining Beau, but is always stopped at the last minute. He once attempted to make his own dragon of legend, The Chromatic Dragon. Further on in Season three, Word is revealed to be Drakkus, a warrior who sports ancient armour from the 3000 years ago, and plays the main enemy to Mortis.

Word is the CEO of his own company, Paynn Incorporated, which is a world famous company for manufacturing battle gear. The company is referred to as the largest gear manufacturer on the planet, making Word a millionaire. He was once married to Zulay, who is also Moordryd's mother, whom Word states was the best racer he'd ever seen, and he misses her dearly and still blames himself for her death to this very day. Despite not showing any outward affection to his son, it is revealed in Episode 38: Battle for the Ages that his greatest weakness is his love for Moordryd. One of the show's creators also elaborated that Word's greatest fear is that he drive away Moordryd from him just as he did to Zulay.

Word is tall, has white hair, and he usually wears orange robes. He has a dragon, Abandonn, who has been evolved through Academy training and as a result, has become very large and powerful; over ten times the size of a normal dragon. This size difference is best seen in Episode 25: The Return of Drakkus, Part 1 and Episode 26: The Return of Drakkus, Part 2.


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