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  • I live in A computer (I wish)
  • My occupation is being that one kid in the corner doing their own thing and laughing at nothinf
  • I am Try n guess XD
  • Dreamergirl3000

    This is me~!

    September 4, 2014 by Dreamergirl3000

    So, this is me, Aryann Cocodoro. I'm a Paynn girl, but i don't look like it. Street living has made me unrecognisable almost. I have the signature white hair of a Paynn, it's short and only goes a little past the shoulders, and my n bangs almost always fall in my face unless i pull it back or tuck it behind my ear or something. I have sun-tanned skin and purple eyes, my mom's purple eyes, and i have a long build, just like my big brother, Moordryd. Also, there is one streak of bright, rich purple on the right side of my hair that makes me stand out a little bit, and i also have a dragon claw scar under my right ear from when a wraith dragon tried to have at me when i was still living on the streets with Kitt. 

    Anyways, like most people in D…

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