Dragon Booster Episode 32: When Opposites Attract

Scene: The Wastelands of Loane, Stewardd of the Keepers comes into
view, singing to himself...

Stewardd: Oh, I am a Keeper, a` scavengin`s what I do, I find things
and fix `em, and make `em all anew! Yes I find things and fix `em, and
make `em all work sweeter, for my name is Stewardd! And it`s I that leeeeeeeads... The Keepers!
(starts humming the tune, until he finds and picks up a piece of rubble with the crest of the Prophets; worried voice...) Oh, Scales! (looks up, sees the Prophet`s Temple nearby) The Prophet Temple! A bad place, I must leave! Yes, yes, leave now! (something drops from above, hitting the ground with a clang; excited...) Oooh! Shiney bit! Make new thing, make new thing! (picks up object, recognizes it, gasps) The Dragon Booster`s Jakk Stick!? (examines it) It is not broken, no. Why would Dragon Booster toss it down... down?

Scene: Dragon City, a dark street in downcity level; Dragon Booster battles Shadow Booster, but is not winning...

Artha/Dragon Booster: Whooooaaaaa OOOFFF! (he and Beau have been blasted to side of road, hitting the barrier; Shadow Booster presses his advantage fully; Beau is injured) Beau!

Armeggadon: Well done, Shadow Booster. They`re at your mercy. Summon the mag-rip like I taught you. Take the victor`s spoils! (hits Beau with mag-rip, draining his energy at a fiercesome rate, while Artha tries to help, taking some of the punishment himself)

Scene: One street level above, Parmon Kitt and Lance watch the action, worried...

Parmon: (shocked) Oh, my. The Shadow Booster`s draining their energy! It`s some kind of ancient mag-fighting tecnique! Oh what to do what to do???

Kitt: Heeyaah! (has Wyldfyr leap down to Artha`s level)

Parmon: Kitt! Noo!!

Moordryd/Shadow Booster: That`s right Dragon Booster... keep fighting it! The more you struggle against the mag-rip, the more energy there is for me to feed off on! (Artha groans, but Kitt suddenly lands in front of them)

Kitt: Dinner`s over, Shadow Booster!

Shadow Booster: And dessert is served!

Scene: Shadow Booster stops mag-rip on Beau to attack Kitt, but Kitt uses her thruster gear to lay down a barrier of fire...

Kitt: Artha! You have to get up! I don`t know how long I can keep this up!

Artha: (weakly) I`m trying! (suddenly, his armour begins to flicker out)

Kitt: What`s happening? You`re losing your armour!

Scene: Shadow Booster mag-blasts them, sending them over the barrier; they drop a short distance, then fall into a large pipe and disappear into the depths.

Armeggadon: This isn`t over, my student. The Dragon Booster still lives. Hunt them down and finish what you have started!

Scene: Dragon Eye`s compound, Cain`s room; Cain is asleep in a chair - sucking his thumb! - when Moordryd contacts him on his communicator...

Moordryd: Cain... CAIN!!! Get Up!! (Cain wakes up startled) Meet me in the Wastelands, I need your help!

Scene: Wastelands, near the entrance to the Track of Doom; Stewardd
moves toward his carrier of loot, humming to himself...

Stewardd: I must return the Jakk Stick to Dragon Booster. Yes, yes, must return it (suddenly a loud roar is heard, and a large shadow comes over him, making him look up in fright) Aaaaaaaaaaa...!!!!

Scene: Another part of the wastelands, the exit of the pipe Artha, Kitt, and their dragons fell into; Artha moans weakly as armour flickers once more, Beau moans loudly in pain echoing across the wastelands - overheard by Propheci...

Propheci: I recognize that voice! Beau! The dragon of legend is near... and he sounds weakened... in pain! Do not worry, I will come to you and stop your suffering... forever!

Scene: The street where the battle took place, Parmon and Lance search for the others...

Lance: I don`t see them anywhere!

Parmon: Don`t worry, Lance! According to my calculations, there is a very good chance that they fell into one of those ducts. It would be a rough ride, but it would eventually spill them out into... Oh, dear! The Wastelands of Loane! Oh! All right, well, let`s see... we could get there by taking the Worktown bridge to sector four, then a quick left onto the Squire`s End intersector...

Lance: Uh, Parm? Are you wearing your A.R.E.S. pack? {NOTE: glider pack}

Parmon: Yes, why? (Lance pushes him off the edge, and jumps off himself) LAAAAAANNNCCCEE!!!!

Scene: Parmon and Lance both activate their ARES packs and float down to the ducts - Lance giggling, Parmon freaking out - but they end up colliding and go into seperate ducts. Scene switches elsewhere in the wastelands, Artha, Kitt and their dragons take shelter in the ruins of a building...

Kitt: We should be safe in here!

Artha: (groans weakly) I guess I got my butt kicked a little back there. Without my Jakk Stick I couldn`t tune to his mag-wave.

Kitt: Don`t sweat it, stable boy, like your dad told you, there are still a few things you need to learn.

Artha: (groans) Yeah, like how to land softer (Beau moans loudly) What is it, boy? (moans again) Something`s wrong, he`s really hurt. (groans himself) And I`m not doin` too well myself.

Kitt: You don`t look so good.

Artha: That mag attack was really something! (Wyldfyr roars quietly, sensing something)

Kitt: Shhh!

Artha: What is it? (loud thumping, them someone familliar appears behind a tall pile of rubble...) It`s Stewardd! Ho boy are we glad to see you!

Kitt: (noticing how strangely Stewardd is acting) Something is wrong!

Scene: Stewardd acts strangely, then orange control gear appears behind him, clamping down on his head, as Prophesi rises up from behind the rubble - Stewardd has been on his back all a long!

Artha: Prophesi! He`s got Stewardd!!

Kitt: And look! Stewardd has your Jakk Stick!

Prophesi: (speaking through Stewardd) The great Beaucephalus! And the Dragon Booster! Weakened and at my mercy. I have not forgotten our last meeting!

Artha: Looks like being sealed up in his temple has made him a little cranky!

Prophesi: Prepare to meet your doom!

Kitt: Very cranky!

Scene: Prophesi mag blasts the ruins, bringing them down on Artha and Kitt...

Prophesi: With the dragon of legend gone, I will assemble my army of

orange dragons and attack Dragon City!!(runs off, laughing malevolently)

Scene: The wastelands, the exits of the ducts from Dragon City; Parmon comes out of one, Lance another - nowhere near each other...

Parmon: Aaaaaaaaaa-ooooffff Oh! Oww!!

Lance: (a distance away)*giggles* Whoaaa oooff! (shakes head, laughs) That was drac! (realizes he`s alone) Uhhh, Parm? Paaaaarrrrmmmm!!

Parmon: (elsewhere) Uh, heh heh Lance? Uh, Lance??

Moordryd: (from out of nowhere) Hmm!

Parmon: (startled) Ah!! Moordryd?? (gets grabbed) Moordryd!

Scene: Moordryd has grabbed Parmon when Prophesi and Stewardd appear;
Moordryd drops Parmon...

Parmon: OWW!! (Prophesi growls)

Scene: Parmon and Moordryd try to escape, and Moordryd`s dragon tries to come to her rider`s aid, but Prophesi blasts a large column down in her way...

Prophesi: More meddlesome humans... it`s the track of doom for you!

Scene: Inside the collapsed ruins, Artha and Kitt are together, but seperated from their dragons...

Kitt: Are you all right?

Artha: Yeah, just banged up. (deactivates his armour)Thanks for pulling me in. Where are Wyldfyr and Beau? (Wyldfyr and Beau roar from nearby)

Kitt: Trapped!

Artha: Look! There`s an opening.(light comes in from hole near ceiling) It`s too small for me, maybe you can get out ang get help!

Kitt: (climbs up to hole) we`re working together, stable boy. If we can get to Stewardd, we can get your Jakk Stick back! Maybe by then Beau will have recharged enough power to help us take care of Prophesi and Shadow Booster!

Artha: Wyldfyr! Beau! You have to wait here! We will come back for you!

Scene: The wastelands, the duct exit where Lance emerged...

Lance: Parm!! Where are you?? Parm!!! (a loud sound behind him) Hunh? (Cain Appears)

Cain: Look what we have here! Did yer baby-sitter run off on you?

Lance: Let me go, ya big drag-clown! (stomps on Cain`s foot)

Cain: (yelps in pain) Oh, right on my corn!! You`re gonna regret this, you little... (a loud roar and heavy stomping sounds scares him and Lance, he jumps down a hole and Lance quickely joins him; Prophesi then runs past - with Parmon and Moordryd captive)

Scene: A holding cell in the Track of Doom; Moordryd uses a rock to try to break the cell`s lock...

Parmon: Oh that banging is pointless! And very annoying! If you stop acting like a caveman, I might have a way we can get out of here that requires less noise and more ingenuity! (holds up his welding torch) We can pick the lock!

Moordryd: Gimme that!

Parmon: Gimme? Gimme?? Look, just because we`re trapped in a cage by a delusional dragon bent on destroying the world does not mean we cannot be civilized towards one another and remember our manners!

Moordryd: (angry) I said gimme that!!! (they struggle over it, but knock it outside the cell door)

Scene: The bottom of the hole Cain and Lance jumped down...

Cain: Get off me! Where are we? (activates light stick)

Lance: I dunno, but it sure is creepy in here! (growling sounds from the darkness...)

Cain: Hydrags!!

Scene: The wastelands, outside the Track of Doom...

Kitt: Well, here`s Stewardd`s mag-rack! Rest here a sec.

Artha: Hey! It looks like an old tandem gear pod! It still got some mag-charge left!

Kitt: That might come in handy against the Shadow Booster or the Prophets! (Artha tries to go near it, but is too weak) Looks like the energy drain really affected you.

Artha: Yeah, its like Beau and I are both weak. Lately our energy is more tied together than ever!

Kitt: Hmmm... (gets a mischievous look in her eye) I have an idea... (goes to mag-rack, activates it and mags Artha to it!)

Artha: Kitt!!!(Kitt then pushes the mag-rack with him magged to it) This isn`t embarassing at all. (deadpan)

Kitt: Oh stop whining! I`m doing all the work!

Scene: The Track of Doom Holding cells, Parmon tries to reach through the bars to get his welding tool...

Moordryd: Hurry up! There`s something coming!!

Parmon: My arm is only so long! (Moordryd grabs him by the back of his shirt and waist of his pants and pushes him further through the bars, reaching the tool easily)

Moordryd: You work well under pressure! Now gimme the tool! (Parmon refuses, as heavy foot steps start getting nearer) Hurry! Give it to me now!!

Parmon: Aren`t you forgetting something? (begins to whistle to himself)

Moordryd: Oh, you`ll pay for this! (Parmon continues to whistle, ignoring him) Give me the tool... PLEASE!

Parmon: There! That wasn`t so difficult now, was it? (Moordryd mearly grabs the tool from him, using it to open the lock)

Moordryd: So long, egghead! I travel alone! (runs off, but falls forward hard)Whoa uhnnn!

Parmon: There`s one more thing you`re forgetting... (they are joined by the leg to each other by a shackle)

Scene: The door to the cellblock begins to open...

Moordryd: Scales!! Don`t just stand there, get moving! (Parmon refuses at this rudeness, Moordryd growls) Oh! PLEASE (Parmon agrees and Moordryd takes off, forcing Parmon to hop off balance all the way; Prophesi arrives and sees the cell is empty...)

Prophesi: The humans have escaped! Find them!!!

Scene: Outside the Track of Doom...

Artha: Kitt, we`re in deep. I need my Jakk Stick, I need to get back to Beau! (a noise behind them makes them turn in fear to see an orange dragon, but...) Reepyr! It`s been a long time! You`re okay!

Reepyr: Yes! (dismounts) After the temple was sealed, I managed to elude capture. From the shadows I attempted to gather allies within the ranks of orange dragons (pats dragon beside him) This is one. Prophesi is growing more and more dangerous, he cannot be reasoned with and he will not stop until humankind is totally enslaved. I have hoped that you would return here, and now we have a chance of stopping him.

Artha: (weakly) Reepyr, there`s something you should know... (passes out, collapses but Reepyr catches him)

Scene: Moordryd and Parmon run down passageways in the Track of Doom
temple, trying to avoid capture...

Moordryd: Scales!! A dead end!! (Parmon bumps into him and falls down) C`mon, we`re going back!

Parmon: (sarcastically) Oh, excellent idea! Why we could just

ask that giant orange dragon back there for directions!

Moordryd: I`m sorry, egghead, maybe you should take the lead from now on!

Parmon: That`s very gracious of you, Moordryd, I`m glad that you`ve

seen the error of your ways Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh... (Moordryd lets him walk so far, then yanks the shackle back - knocking Parmon off his feet, and laughs)

Scene: A ladderway lets Lance and then Cain into the temple, as hydrags growl and snap at the ladder bottom...

Cain: (shudders) Now, where was I? Baby-sitter gone, and since its not my job... you can just hang here (puts Lance on stone dragonhead on wall)

Lance: Put me down!!! (Cain merely chuckles; suddenly the stone dragon`s jaw lowers, swinging the wall around - and they switch places with Moordryd and Parmon)

Parmon: (not realizing the switch, still laughed at by Moordryd) Oh, very funny, Moordryd. I have a good mind to... uh... Moordryd? It seems we no longer have our dead end problem.

Moordryd: No, but we got a big orange dragon problem! Move it egghead!!!

Scene: Moordryd and Parmon run down the passageway away from the sound of approaching Prophets, passing through an arched doorway, tripping on a stone block on the floor - right in front of Prophesi and some other Prophets...

Prophesi: Behold! The humans have thrown themselves at my feet! They have proven themselves as inferior!

Moordryd: (quietly to Parmon) Sit tight and get ready to run. (to Propheci) Hey, ugly! I suggest you take a hike before I come over there and introduce you to pain!

Prophesi: (enraged) SILENCE!!

Scene: Prophesi sends a mag blast towards Moordryd, who moves out of the way and holds up the line connecting his leg shackle to Parmon`s, letting the blast sever it...

Moordryd: Haul Scales, egghead!!! (they both take off the way they came, but run head first into Lance and Cain, all ending up in a pile on the floor)

Cain: Funny running into you here!

Lance: Not so funny anymore! (the Prophets surround them) Uh, guys? We may be in a little trouble!

Scene: Just outside the doorway, Artha, Kitt, and Reepyr watch the Prophets surround the others...

Artha: Prophesi`s gonna fry them, I`ve gotta do something! (holds up the amulet`s star) RELEASE THE DRAaaaaGON!!!

Kitt: (after Artha activates his armour) Wait! You`re in NO shape to do this alone! (looks at Reepyr`s orange companion, then Stewardd`s mag-rack)I have an idea!

Scene: Beyond the doorway...

Prophesi: It is over, humans!

Scene: Prophesi is distracted by Reepyr and his dragon coming running full speed down the passageway knocking other Prophets aside with his blocking staff, mag-pulling Artha and the mag-rack with Kitt riding on top of the rack...

Kit: Reepyr! Now!! (Reepyr`s dragon takes a left turn, flinging the mag-rack straight at Prophesi striking him hard, making him bellow in pain) Eeee-Yahhh! (Kitt launches herself over Prophesi, grabbing the Jack Stick from Stewardd as she flies by) NOW, DRAGON BOOSTER!!

Scene: Artha, wearing the old tandem gear stands over Prophesi and runs a line from the gear into Prophesi`s saddle...

Moordryd: What is he doing?

Lance: He may have a plan!

Scene: Prophets come running towards them, but Reepyr holds them off using his blocking staff...

Artha: Hurry, Kitt!

Kitt: (adjusting the Jack Stick) I`m trying!! (gets it adjusted) It`s locked to their mag-frequency! (tosses it to Artha) GO!! (Artha catches it, and jams it into Prophesi`s saddle, waking him up)

Scene: Prophesi stands up, with Artha still pearched on his head...

Prophesi: (to the other Prophets) FRY HIM!!!

Scene: The other Prophets fire mag-blasts at Artha, who moves out of the way and the blasts instead are absorbed by the Jack Stick and sent into Prophesi`s saddle, then out of the saddle throught the line from the tandem gear, channeling into Artha`s armour re-energizing him...

Artha: Aaaaaaaahhhh...!

Kitt: Its working!! Your power is stabilizing!!

Scene: To the others suprise and amazement, when Artha`s armour is fully powered, a bolt of mag-energy fires from him through the roof and across the wasteland to where Beau and Wyldfyr are trapped, punching through that roof and re-energizing Beau; Prophesi passes out from the energy drain, releasing Stewardd, who falls backward but Kitt is ther to catch him...

Stewardd: Thank you for saving me!

Kitt: Don`t thank me just yet!

Scene: The other Prophets are still awake and surround them menacingly...[/B] Artha: Stay together! (as Beau and Wyldfyr break throught the wall...)Beau!

Scene: Beau roars at the Prophets, who then run away; Beau mags Artha onto his saddle as Wylfyr does the same for Kitt and Stewardd; Moordryd watches from beside a pillar, then walks around it to block any view of himself and lift up the key to his armour...

Armeggadon: Dragon Booster has regained his strength... and it appears he has a strong ally in this Kitt Won. This opportunity to be rid of him has eluded us. We have much more training ahead of us.

Scene: The holding cells in the Track of Doom Temple, Prophesi is unconcious inside one cell as Reepry is near the locking mechanism...

Reepyr: Your strength, bravery, and teamwork have again convinced the Prophets that aligning themselves with Prophesi and his deranged plans for war was folly. (locks Prophesi`s cell) You can rest assured that I will vigilent, and make sure that he never leaves his cell!

Artha: Good luck, my friend. C`mon guys, let`s roll!

Kitt: Yeah, and this time I don`t have to push! I think you`ve been eating one too many Draconi-Yum bars!

Scene: They all laugh at this as they leave the cell block; meanwhile inside his cell, Prophesi opens his eye... and smiles.

***Fade to black***


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