This was provided by The Magna Draconis, which is the screen name for Rob Travalino, one of the show's writers.[1]

Here let me help as I write most of these....Eps 33 fer y'all Now this is the final production script which changed slightly during actual prod.

DB EP-33 "THE DEFIANT" FADE IN: ACT ONE EXT. HORN OF LIBRIS TRACK -- NIGHT Looking down at the Libris Track, a cloud of dragons zooms upwards at blazing speed. It sounds like thunder as the air is ripped in their wake. EXT. ON THE BACK OF DECEPSHUN -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD leaps into the air on a mag beam and spins through some hoops and bashes two targets. EXT. HORN OF LIBRIS TRACK -- CONTINUOUS A blocking gate opens allowing the Dragon Eyes to go to the next level. The gate flies up in front of KHATAH and SARJO and WULPH and FERRYT. EXT. THE AIR ABOVE THE TRACK -- CONTINUOUS KHATAH and WULPH mag up just above and below MOORDRYD along the same wall. MOORDRYD uses his mag push to knock KHATAH sideways. MOORDRYD Need a hand, Khatah? HERE! KHATAH hits a target with his body. KHATAH OOOFF! EXT. HORN OF LIBRIS TRACK -- CONTINUOUS KHATAH'S dragon and SARJO catch him as he falls. EXT. THE AIR ABOVE THE TRACK -- CONTINUOUS Then, MOORDRYD turns gracefully and spins and bashes WULPH with a couple of mag kicks. WULPH tumbles down to a lower level. The eyes of ARMEGGADDON appear in front of MOORDRYD'S amulet. ARMEGGADDON Excellent my student. The Racing Academy and then, the world are within your grasp. Now, show these pitiful fools the mag bounce I taught you! MOORDRYD closes his eyes and another mag energy ball forms between his fingers and he fires it ahead of him as he spins back down to DECEPSHUN. MOORDRYD looks forward with a grin. EXT. HIGHER ON THE TRACK -- CONTINUOUS The energy ball bounces off of two targets, turning them. EXT. HORN OF LIBRIS TRACK -- CONTINUOUS A ramp opens to MOORDRYD, a blocking gate flies up in front of KHATAH and SARJO. BOOM! They crash! EXT. ON THE BACK OF DECEPSHUN -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD looks back at CAIN with a smile. MOORDRYD I really am such a PAYNN! EXT. HORN OF LIBRIS TRACK -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA, KITT and BEAU blast up along side MOORDRYD. Determination fills ARTHA'S eyes. The air rippling over them like a tornado. CAIN Stable Brats...nine o'clock! ARTHA Nine o'clock! Party time! ARTHA and MOORDRYD mag straight for their respective targets and they clash on the way up. EXT. THE AIR ABOVE THE TRACK -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA sky dances through some hoops and mag pushes two targets. The first target opens a gate for KITT and the second puts up blocking gates for CAIN. EXT. HORN OF LIBRIS TRACK -- CONTINUOUS KITT and BEAU fly up the ramp. EXT. ON THE BACK OF DECEPSHUN -- CONTINUOUS CAIN has to use all of his skill and he fires turning gear to swing out wide on the edge of the track! CAIN WHOA! UGH! ARGGH! EXT. THE AIR ABOVE THE TRACK -- CONTINUOUS For his part, MOORDRYD does the same. He mag blasts away at two targets of his own. EXT. ON THE BACK OF BEAU -- CONTINUOUS KITT and BEAU have to execute even more frantic maneuvers to avoid gates. BEAU leaps over the first just before it slams, and has to blast right through the second. KITT ARGHH! EXT. THE AIR ABOVE THE TRACK -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD and ARTHA are still firing mag charged kicks and punches at each other. They spin and spar with blocking staffs like a scene from "Hero". EXT. PENN CREW AREA -- CONTINUOUS MARIANIS They're using personal mag energy moves...It's not fair! We don't have those skills! LANCE Moordryd's the one who's cheating, Artha and Kitt are just defending themselves! MARIANIS Very well little fish, but we can defend ourselves too! (into her comm link) Dorsull, mag attack class gear on the next turn! EXT. TRACK VIEWING STAND -- CONTINUOUS BUDGE turns to SENTRUS and is about to speak when SENTRUS leans back to BUDGE. SENTRUS I know what you are thinking, Race Marshall. Those techniques are very ancient and while the Academy is looking for just such skill, reckless use of such power is very disturbing. We must watch closely less this get out of hand. EXT. PENN CREW AREA -- CONTINUOUS PARMON turns to LANCE PARMON Oh dear. Things are going to get out of hand. EXT. HORN OF LIBRIS TRACK -- CONTINUOUS WULPH and FERRYT, followed by DORSULL and another DRAGON FISH RACER, STYNGRAAY, move past the mag racks and mag Green Ramming and Blue Dragon Star Gear. EXT. PENN CREW AREA -- CONTINUOUS LANCE Things just got TOTALLY out of hand! EXT. HORN OF LIBRIS TRACK -- CONTINUOUS From high above, the battle rages, sparks fly. PAYNN WIPE TO: INT. WORD'S CITADEL -- CONTINUOUS The scene is framed in the monitors of WORD PAYNN. He hits a control button on his console and the camera zooms to his son. WORD (to himself) Very impressive my son. Mag claw, mag push, mag bounce...but how have you come to know of these ancient techniques? I never showed them to you. Suddenly, WORD whips around. He touches his head. P.O.V. WORD -- CONTINUOUS Re-use from Episode 25, Word sees the images of ARMEGGADDDON'S eyes flashing across the landscape of the Wastelands. INT. WORD'S CITADEL -- CONTINUOUS WORD You? I know that presence, I have felt it before! There is far more here, than meets the dragon eye... WORD picks up his wraith controller and two wraith dragons materialize behind him. WRAITH DRAGONS GRRRRRRRRRRRR! WORD Do not return until you have found who is meddling with my son! They nod and race off. EXT. HORN OF LIBRIS TRACK -- CONTINUOUS WULPH and FERRYT come up a ramp behind MOORDRYD and CAIN and fire a mace ball from their Green Ramming Gear. The large projectile misses as DECEPSHUN ducks and it slams into some targets ahead. The debris flies as MOORDRYD and CAIN and ARTHA and KITT dodge it. STYNGRAY and DORSULL fire up their Blue Dragon Star Gear and fire away! The small stars hit a few targets. Ahead of the entire field, walls spring up blocking the entire track both IN FRONT AND BEHIND! ARTHA WHOAAAA! Everybody tries to emergency stop. BOOM! It's a huge crash! When the dust clears, several small battles have erupted! MOORDRYD faces off against ARTHA. They spin into the air and battle with ARTHA'S blocking staff and MOORDRYD'S whip like martial artists. ARTHA You started this! MOORDRYD Actually, I'm finishing it! Nearby, KITT and CAIN duel with blocking staffs. DORSULL and WULPH tumble through the frame wrestling. STYNGRAAY and FERRYT circle each other looking for an opening. EXT. TRACK VIEWING STAND -- CONTINUOUS SENTRUS leans over to BUDGE. SENTRUS It has gone too far. Call in the Gargoyles! BUDGE glumly hits a switch on his platform. EXT. HIGHER ON THE TRACK -- CONTINUOUS An access ramp lowers to the track and Police dragons fire down it. The blocking ramps raise revealing CAPTAIN FAIER and his men. They brandish flash sticks and trapping gear. ARTHA and MOORDRYD are the last to stop fighting. The officers move in as they continue to spar. CAPTAIN FAIER Put down your weapons! Power down your gear! This race is officially suspended! They turn to see that they are surrounded! ACADEMY WIPE TO: INT. ALL CITY TRACK SIDE -- MOMENTS LATER SENTRUS steps forward and fixes ARTHA and MOORDRYD in her stare as she paces past the assembled racers. SENTRUS Your abilities with the ancient ways do you much credit...but your use of them has become dangerous and irresponsible. If a brawl like this happens again, this race season will be canceled! ARTHA and MOORDRYD glare at each other. MOORDRYD suddenly smiles. MOORDRYD (to himself) And if the race season is canceled while I lead in the points standings, I get into the Academy! FADE OUT: ACT TWO FADE IN: INT. DOWN CITY CREW COUNCIL -- NIGHT The image from the track plays on a huge monitor behind PHISTUS in the Down City Council of 12 Chamber. PHISTUS We must all get a grip! If fighting like this continues on the track, the future of racing is in danger. Academy and the Elite Class are our tickets out of Squire's End. MOORDRYD Tell that to the stable brat Artha Penn and his so called crew! I'm just using what I know to defend myself! KHATAH Your helmet is too tight Paynn. You're brain isn't getting enough oxygen. You attacked the rest of us on the track today. With your new mag moves! MOORDRYD leans in at him. MOORDRYD Careful Khatah. The Dragon Eyes have allies in this council... VOCIFEROUS moves in behind MOORDRYD. KHATAH As does the Inner Order, Paynn! KHATAH And many of our crews have pieces of the the ancient texts in our possession...we can pool our knowledge and learn these moves and defend ourselves too. MARIANIS slides behind KHATAH along with KAWAKE and PYRRAH. BOOM! The huge hammer of PHISTUS slams down on the table! PHISTUS WRONG! We must pledge now not to use them at all! We must not fight amongst ourselves, we already have seen the return of the Orange Prophet dragons to the city, the mighty Libris, wraith dragons and this dangerous new menace, the Shadow Booster. We must all do our part to prevent another Dragon Human War, not to begin one! MOORDRYD Great words fist face! But as I said, save them for the stable brat. I was just defending myself! MOORDRYD exchanges a grin with CAIN. DRAGON EYE WIPE TO: EXT. ALL CITY TRACK - MID CITY MALL -- NIGHT Through the streets, a field of racers thunder by led by ARTHA. Over the back of them, we chase cam past narrow obstacles, leaning, ducking and jumping. The sides of buildings zoom by in a shuddering blur. EXT. NARROW PASS -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA and BEAU fire White Rappel Gear to make a tight turn at amazing speed. The line hits, goes tight and they slingshot around a building. WHOOSH! BAM! VOCIFEROUS comes up beside ARTHA and uses Purple Tandem Gear to reel him in. He grabs ARTHA by the jacket collar. VOCIFEROUS No mag moves today Penn. This is a warning! PARMON Obviously some of the crews are finding you to blame for yesterday's madness! ARTHA ME?!? KITT And Dragon City Security is all over this race like flies on a melted DraconeeYum candy bar! LANCE You'll just have to kick Moordryd's butt the old fashioned way... From a feeding side alley, MOORDRYD zooms for ARTHA. P.O.V. ARTHA -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD races right for us, deploys his energy whip and mag leaps. EXT. ON THE BACK OF BEAU -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA deploys his blocking staff and jumps to meet him. EXT. THE AIR ABOVE THE TRACK -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD'S whip wraps around the staff, pulling them together, face to face. They grab each other, spinning like wrestlers in the mag beam. MOORDRYD spins back off the whip line and kicks ARTHA back. ARTHA swings his staff at MOORDRYD'S feet, he spins away and mags to his dragon. MOORDRYD laughs. MOORDRYD The Academy is mine! Soon it's back to the stable for you brat! EXT. ON THE BACK OF BEAU -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA I may be going back to the stable but you're the one headed for a dragon stall! ARTHA activates Green Ramming Gear and fires a mace ball at DECEPSHUN. EXT. ALL CITY TRACK - MID CITY MALL -- CONTINUOUS It breaks off MOORDRYD'S Red Thruster Gear. BANG! DECEPSHUN is rocked. Her energy is draining and the indicators beep and flash on MOORDRYD'S saddle as ARTHA passes. MOORDRYD fires his own Rappel Claw into BEAU'S gear and a wall ahead and the tightening line yanks BEAU toward a wall. BEAU fires a mag beam ahead at the claw that's entrenched. It begins to rattle but stays attached! EXT. ON THE BACK OF BEAU -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA has to think fast, he jumps up in his saddle and mag walks down BEAU'S back, ducking and hanging on. He jams his blocking staff into the rappel claw and pries it free, leaps back to the saddle and swerves just in time! EXT. ALL CITY TRACK - MID CITY MALL -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD pulls close again. He yells over to ARTHA as they swerve and duck obstacles and ground shaking pace. MOORDRYD Hey stable brat! Remember the night I came to steal your father's dragon? ARTHA glares back. They both climb to their feet to spar while mag standing on their dragons. MOORDRYD The night he ran and hid and left you and your brother all alone! He was probably off in a corner someplace cowering like a baby hatch-ling...AFRAID! ARTHA MY FATHER IS NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING! The two huge dragons crash together as they boys jump back to their saddles. MOORDRYD grins wickedly, ARTHA seethes and... Fires a mag blast from his hands. BOOM! MOORDRYD is knocked back off his saddle, he hangs on for life. VOCIFEROUS fires in from the side. Tandem gear flies into BEAU. The great dragon shudders as his power is disrupted! VOCIFEROUS I warned you! WE SAID NO MAG MOVES! VOCIFEROUS then fires Turquoise flash sticks into the track ahead. The flashes blind BEAU who loses control and spins sideways! KHATAH mags into frame from above but VOCIFEROUS knocks him flying with his blocking staff! ARTHA knocks MOORDRYD and VOCIFEROUS back with a mag push of his own. The entire group crashes through civilian areas and piles up in a huge tangle! KABOOM! EXT. TRACK VIEWING STAND -- CONTINUOUS BUDGE and SENTRUS jump up. SENTRUS NOT AGAIN! An alarm sounds! ACADEMY WIPE TO: EXT. ALL CITY TRACK -- MOMENTS LATER The crews are just rising to their feet when they discover FAIER, his men and SENTRUS surrounding them. SENTRUS I have seen enough! Only through Academy Training can one truly understand this ancient power. Now, look at you...fighting amongst yourselves. An all out street battle can not be far off! This is the path to Dragon Human War! She paces the crowd. SENTRUS Since you can no longer control yourselves on the track, we have no alternative but to cancel racing until this situation can be rectified. ARTHA WHAT? But what about the Academy selection? There are more races left in the season! SENTRUS Young Mister Paynn is the current point leader, Mister Paynn gets into Academy! She turns away dismissively. MOORDRYD YES! YESSSSSSS! The other crews glare at ARTHA. ARTHA (sotto) NO! FADE OUT: ACT THREE FADE IN: INT. THE DRAGON CAVE -- NIGHT ARTHA paces the cave with the others watching. ARTHA Without the Academy training, how am I supposed be the Dragon Booster? How am I supposed to unlock the rest of Beau's powers? KITT And with Moordryd getting that training. There's no telling what he and his father can do next! CONNOR I'll go before the Academy Council and Dragon City Security and see what I can do. I have friends in both places. This is not over! CONNOR walks off towards the elevator as the rest of the group moves in tight. KITT There might be another way. Everybody looks at her. KITT I come from Squire's End. I grew up with the Down City Crews. Most of them respect honor and the ones that don't, won't fight the majority. ARTHA What's your plan? KITT We have have to go before the council...and challenge them to a race...a no battle gear race. ARTHA I like it. An example to the city! PARMON I don't like it. You heard Sentrus, racing is canceled. A race right now is against the rules. KITT This is a race to make NEW rules! The crews want to race again just as much as we do. LANCE I like it! PARMON I still don't like it. What about Dragon City Security? They'll certainly stop it in its tracks. KITT If nobody's fighting, what's to stop? ARTHA Yeah! We'll show the whole city that we can race clean and mean! LANCE YEAH! PARMON But Phistus and the Crews will surely pound us if we show our faces. KITT It's our only chance. PARMON You have an answer for everything don't you? KITT Of course I do. INT. DOWN CITY CREW COUNCIL -- NIGHT PHISTUS and the council are in tense session. MOORDRYD Like I said. I didn't start it! KHATAH That's half the story, Paynn. ARTHA enters the chamber. The room falls silent. ARTHA Wanna hear the other half? Behind him walks KITT, PARMON and LANCE. ARTHA locks eyes with MOORDRYD. ARTHA then looks over the assembled crew leaders, they're not happy to see him. ARTHA Leaders of the Council of twelve. I come before you to apologize for my actions on the track. Murmurs. MOORDRYD rolls his eyes and looks away. MOORDRYD Don't listen to him! He's responsible for all of this...It was his plan to... KITT To what Paynn? Put you into the Academy? More murmurs, the crowd is confused, growing divided. ARTHA We all race to get a chance for the Academy training, for a chance to battle for Dragon City in the Elite was never my intention to take that away from us. Together, we can get that chance back! More murmurs. ARTHA I propose a race, no mag moves, no attack gear, just speed and maneuvering...skill on skill...something the Academy will be amazed by...something the fans of racing will cheer for! PHISTUS Yes. I see the strength of your plan young Penn. MOORDRYD I can't believe you're letting him trick you again! PHISTUS SILENCE! It will look good to both the Academy and Dragon City Security if the Down City Crews can solve this matter on our own. WE NEED TO RACE! I support it! Who shall stand with me. KHATAH, PYRRAH, CHUTE and MARIANIS quickly take PHISTUS' side. Then, others break ranks, finally leaving MOORDRYD alone. MOORDRYD (sotto) Scales! (light bulb goes off) Very well. I agree! Cheers fill the chamber as CAIN leans in behind his leader. CAIN What are you doing? This will give the stable brat a second chance... MOORDRYD Not if I can cause another huge battle on the track. Battle gear or no battle gear, this race may start but it will never be finished! PAYNN WIPE TO: EXT. ON THE TRACK (VARIOUS RE-USE) -- DAY From a distance, a graceful race in progress, using white aero, red thruster, white sledding, blue turning and white rappel gear and the like for amazing acrobatics. P.O.V. RACERS -- CONTINUOUS We're part of the field as we slide up the side of a building with sledding gear, fire turning gear into a support structure whipping around it and then use aero and thruster gear to soar over a huge jump, doing a 360 barrel roll in the process! WOW! EXT. ROADWAY (RE-USE) -- CONTINUOUS A small crowd gathers at the edge to watch the show as the field goes by in silhouette. The crowd is totally captivated! BYSTANDER LOOK! Racing's illegal! Somebody call Dragon City Security! EXT. ON THE BACK OF DECEPSHUN -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD smiles and looks back. On his saddle, four glowing orange pods. CAIN pops into the view screen. CAIN Careful with those orange mind pods Moordryd. You want a lotta of real estate behind you when you set those puppies off. They make people and dragons act pretty crazy! MOORDRYD Don't worry Cain. I'll know exactly when... He takes out his amulet and the eyes of ARMEGGADDON appear. ARMEGGADDON On my signal. To the side, a WRAITH DRAGON hisses in and out of sight. INT. WORD'S CITADEL -- CONTINUOUS WORD overhears the conversation on his monitor and sees the eyes. The view screens change to a blipping map! WORD Meddlesome fool! I have you now! He throws a control switch and rising into frame, his huge dragon ABANDONN! EXT. ON THE BACK OF DECEPSHUN -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD loops past us, the background spinning in 360s as he deploys three of the mind pods! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! They go off behind him like depth charges! EXT. ON THE BACK OF BEAU -- CONTINUOUS PARMON ARTHA LOOKOUT! According to my instruments, megadracs of orange draconium! Oh no! Orange mind pods! One hit from those and it's pure chaos! ARTHA No going around, Parm! I'll just have to mix things up a little and hope it tastes good! ARTHA pulls BEAU into a 360 roll and turns one thruster up and the other down. He then extends his aero gear and fires! He spins like at top at supersonic speed! BEAU and ARTHA cut through and disperse the cloud as they blast through it! EXT. ON THE TRACK -- CONTINUOUS The racers land on solid ground as their eyes take on an orange haze! The crews immediately go into crazed attack mode! WULPH fires thrusters at MARIANIS. PYRRAH fires a white rappel hook into VOCIFEROUS dragging him down. PHISTUS drags CHUTE and KHATAH off their dragons. EXT. PRECINCT -- CONTINUOUS Alarms blare and a phalanx of security forces deploy and race for Mid City. EXT. PENN CREW AREA -- CONTINUOUS LANCE They're fighting! KITT And Moordryd is getting away! ARTHA I think I'll drop him a line. EXT. ALL CITY TRACK -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD flees down a lower roadway as ARTHA swoops from the sky above! P.O.V. ARTHA -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA catches up with PAYNN. EXT. ALL CITY TRACK -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA fires his rappel lines and catches MOORDRYD and reels him in! EXT. ON THE BACK OF DECEPSHUN -- CONTINUOUS MOORDRYD WHAT? MOORDRYD spins and powers up his mag claw! EXT. ON THE BACK OF BEAU -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA wags his index finger. ARTHA Nuh, uh, uh! No mag moves! EXT. ALL CITY TRACK -- CONTINUOUS BEAU fires his blue turning gear onto DECEPSHUN. The gear remotely fires into an overhead bridge and yanks MOORDRYD and the dragon up! They are wrapped up like window blinds, MOORDRYD'S hands are trapped! EXT. ON THE BACK OF DECEPSHUN -- CONTINUOUS The glowing eyes fire up before the straining MOORDRYD. ARMEGGADDON No need to struggle. You have won your Academy spot and Artha Penn looks even guiltier for having attacked you. EXT. WASTELANDS -- CONTINUOUS We pan up to reveal the foreboding shape of ARMEGGADDON! ARMEGGADDON Everything has proceeded exactly as I planned. A huge shadow rises up behind him. It is DRAKKUS on ABANDONN! DRAKKUS Ahem, there has been a slight change in plans. Who are you? You are not of this time. What is your business with my son? DRAKKUS mag claws a barrage at him. ARMEGGADDON'S body spikes deploy and he does an amazing dodge routine. He fires back from his hands, DRAKKUS is knocked back. ARMEGGADDON So, you do care after all...your weakness! Now, all of ARMEGGADDON'S body spikes charge with energy and he leaps at DRAKKUS who meets him mid air. They exchange martial arts blow after blow but DRAKKUS is being knocked back! ABANDONN shudders, energy warnings go off on his saddle. WORD reacts quickly and in a cloud of light green energy, he is gone! ARMEGGADDON Very impressive. The ancient mag escape. Till we meet again my new friend. EXT. ON THE BACK OF BEAU -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA races for the melee when PARMON comes up on the display. PARMON ARTHA, it's too late! I've intercepted a Dragon City Security bulletin. A large force is on it's way to arrest all racers. They're coming in from the north! EXT. ROADWAY (RE-USE) -- CONTINUOUS From behind, FAIER and his men race towards the brawl. FADE OUT: EPILOGUE ACT FOUR FADE IN: EXT. ALL CITY TRACK -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA races into the group and gets between them. BEAU mag blasts them all down! They all have orange eyes. ARTHA Everybody stop! Orange draconium is making you fight! Remember the race! The future! BOOM! Rappel gear knocks him off BEAU. VOCIFEROUS flies in blocking staff deployed! VOCIFEROUS YOU'RE TO BLAME FOR THIS! ARTHA NOOOO! He blocks the blows and flies onto BEAU and takes off! VOCIFEROUS AFTER HIM! The racers all chase ARTHA! EXT. ROADWAY (RE-USE) -- CONTINUOUS CAPTAIN FAIER AFTER THEM! The security force takes off in pursuit! EXT. ON THE BACK OF BEAU -- CONTINUOUS A blocking staff flies over his head. A thruster blast comes from the side. He and BEAU duck and dodge! P.O.V. ARTHA -- CONTINUOUS On one side, PYRRAH coming in fast and hard. BOOM! EXT. ALL CITY TRACK -- CONTINUOUS ARTHA PYRRAH NO! If we fight, we're all doomed! We have to finish the race! From the other side, KHATAH and SHOCK-RA jam into him. KHATAH grabs him but ARTHA doesn not fight back. ARTHA KHATAH! An Orange mind pod is affecting you! This is the path to the Dragon Human War! Racing must continue! WE ALL HAVE TO STOP FIGHTING! STOP FIGHTING! The orange slowly drains from KHATAH. He looks around lost at first and then nods! He's back! WULPH mags over to ARTHA and swings. ARTHA takes three hits but doesn't fight. The color returns to WULPH'S eyes. He blinks. One by one, the color returns to all of them! They begin to race clean! MARIANIS NO MORE FIGHTING! ARTHA Race mean, but race clean! We travel with the group again as they gracefully zoom up buildings and do 360 aerial maneuvers. EXT. RIGHT BEHIND THEM -- CONTINUOUS FAIER and his men close in from the side. They ready stun, trapping and penning gear. CAPTAIN FAIER On my signal! Take them down! THREE...TWO... CONNOR and SENTRUS pop up on FAIER'S VIEW SCREEN CONNOR WAIT! LISTEN! CROWD ALL CITY! ALL CITY! RACE! RACE! RACE! FAIER and his men slow down and look around. P.O.V. CAPTAIN FAIER -- CONTINUOUS A cheering crowd is gathering. Beyond them, the group of racers execute an aerial twist maneuver through a narrow building top like threading a needle! EXT. RIGHT BEHIND THEM -- CONTINUOUS CAPTAIN FAIER Did you see that move? Ahem, I mean uh, GET READY! EXT. ALL CITY TRACK -- CONTINUOUS One by one, the racers fire rappel lines to a cross beam over an upper roadway and swing like a windmill up as the line reels in. They land on the upper track at full speed! EXT. ROADWAY (RE-USE) -- CONTINUOUS FAIER pulls up. CAPTAIN FAIER Did you see...? He looks at his men, who are smiling and watching. He sighs. CAPTAIN FAIER I know, I know...let them finish. EXT. ALL CITY TRACK STARTING GATE -- MOMENTS LATER The field thunders through the finish! The crowd goes wild! EXT. ALL CITY TRACK SIDE -- MOMENTS LATER The racers are all gathered smiling and nodding at each other. SENTRUS approaches the group to speak. SENTRUS You have put aside your differences and have proven yourselves worthy by honoring the sportsmanship code of Dragon Racing. The Racing Academy has decided young Penn and Paynn may continue to use the mag moves but under control and only on each other until thee rest of you are ready. The power drain will likely be a disadvantage to them anyway. Congratulations! All City Racing is restored! Everybody screams and jumps with delight. PHISTUS and some of the other crew member bow to ARTHA. BEAU ROOOAARRR! The other dragons bow. The sounds echo across the city. EXT. ALL CITY TRACK -- CONTINUOUS And find the ears of the still trapped MOORDRYD PAYNN. MOORDRYD Scales! FADE OUT: THE END

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