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Still Waters Freeze Pan down; it’s raining *I need to insert ALOT of action here* Moordryd: C’mon! Get in there! [Moordryd jabs at dragon. Cain de-activates a dragon’s foot and both look up. See Lance dressed up as DB] Lance: put the dragon back where you found it, and nobody gets hurt. [Both stare at lance… and laugh] Lance: You can’t possibly defeat me! I am the great, the powerful, the fastest, the strongest toughest smartest, dracest, mostest kind of all around guy super duper greatest And mighty dragon booster! Moordryd: get him, Cain. [Cain charges; Lance jumps really high up and kicks Cain. Cain goes flying and Moordryd charges with his mag stick. Lance rolls and trips Moordryd, causing him to face plant.] Lance: Who wants some? [strikes heroic pose] [Moordryd and Cain look up and yell. Lance jumps forward and begins punching <only see flashes of color>. Lance then is striking a heroic pose on top of Moordryd and Cain, both babbling like scared idiots.] Moordryd: he’s too much. Lance, lance… [Dream fades away. Lance is looking dreamily] Parmon: Lance… Lance [Lance starts, and sees all three people standing there, looking at him] Kitt: Instead of daydreaming, let’s focus on our job, shall we? [Cain is riding Coershun, towing a red dragon, as is Moordryd. Artha is following on Beau as the Dragon Booster.] Lance: Oh, why can’t we be the heroes for a change? Kitt: Because we’re not the dragon booster Parmon: or maybe we could be... Remember how completely smashing I looked in that outfit? Kitt: [laughing] Especially your shorts. Parmon: Oh. [accusingly] Lance! Lance: Of course I told her! Kitt: Okay, positions. Let’s help the hero-boy. *From here on, Kyra provided the actions. THANKS KYRA!!* [Cain is holding a disruptor mine and tosses it after Artha] Cain: [chuckling] Artha: Whoa! [Cain repeatedly tosses mines in Artha’s direction. He continually dodges them. Moordryd activates Decepshun’s mag-energy and aims it at a sign post, thus causing it to fall right in front of Artha and Beau. Artha wills Beau to jump, in which they get over the fallen sign. Artha looks back, looks forward and notices trapping gear has been fired at him. It traps him, thus causing him to struggle as Kitt, Lance and Parmon ride up to him.] Artha: Guys, a little help here Kitt: [stops and smiles slightly] Interesting place to hang out. Artha: Where were you guys? Kitt: [gestures to Lance and Parmon, who smile innocently] Uh, they were daydreaming about being the Dragon Booster. Artha: Well, c’mon, they’re getting away. [Kitt knocks the cords off of Artha and the hero falls onto Beau] Artha: Whoa. [The foursome begin pursuing the foes yet again] Moordryd: Heh, heh, heh. [Moordryd and Cain finally have caught the dragon and are hanging onto it, when they are stopped by a young woman, hair up out of her face. This is Marianis.] Moordryd: Marianis, heh, quite the fish outta water in this part of town. What’re you doing here? Marianis: I think a better question is what are YOU doing, Paynn? Moordryd: My business doesn’t concern you OR your Dragon Fish Crew. [Marianis grimaces] Marianis: [looks at the dragon they caught] Stealing dragons? For what? To build an army? I know what you want control of, Moordryd. The Council of Twelve. There are rumors that you’re trying to steer the Down-City Crews into starting another Dragon-Human War. Moordryd: What if I am? Marianis: Someone has to stand up to you. Moordryd: I don’t think so! [The heroes are riding up behind the threesome. Cain notices.] Cain: Let’s burn claw! Moordryd: [looks annoyed] Where’re you going, you coward?! [grins at Marianis] YAH! Sorry, but I gotta run! Artha: [stops right in front of Moordryd] I don’t think so! Moordryd: Heh. [throws out a disruptor mine, which explodes in front of Artha. He rides off with Decepshun] Artha: [coughing] Marianis: Scales! I’m sorry Dragon Booster; we almost had him for you. Artha: Had him... for me? *Gold Star Across* Marianis: Many of the crews want things to change, but everybody’s frightened of the Dragon Eyes and of Word Paynn, even Dragon City Security. The only choice we have is to take a stand against Word inside the council. Artha: Seems impossible for one crew. Marianis: Then I think it’s time we do the impossible. Phistus needs our help if we’re going to unite the council and stop another Dragon-Human War. Artha: You know about that too? Marianis: I have something to show you. [nods to Dorsull, who takes out a type of gear shaped like a ruby-studed artichoke] It’s been in my crew’s safe-keeping for as long as we can remember. We believe it to be ancient Coral Stun Gear. It’s similar to the gear used on the track today, only a thousand times more powerful. [Artha takes the gear, fascinated and looks at Marianis.] It was not designed for racing; it was designed for warfare. Take it. Perhaps it can help you in your battle. [Moordryd watches this from on top of the roof of a building through binoculars.] Armageddon (The Amulet): Do you like what you see? Moordryd: [drops the binoculars, startled] What? Who... who are you? Armageddon: I’ve been watching you for some time. You are the one, Moordryd Paynn. Moordryd: [confused] The one? Do you know me? Who are you? Armageddon: Who I am is not important; who you will become is. That is gear from the original Dragon-Human War. [The screen splits somewhat, Moordryd looking downwards in the top right, the Coral Stun Gear in the bottom left] It is more powerful than anything you have ever imagined. It can freeze any draconium, including gold. [flash to Artha as the Dragon Booster] Moordryd: How do you know? Armageddon: Let’s just say, I’ve been around for a while. [The amulet hangs out from between the bars] Moordryd: [holds the amulet] What is this? It seems to have... power. Armageddon: Yes. It is what you have been searching for. It is your destiny. It can bring you all that you wish for. Moordryd: Where did you get it? Armageddon: From the ancient Dragon Eye Shadow Track. Moordryd: You’ve been there? Armageddon: For too long. Always wear it; it only fits you. It is your destiny. [Echoing] it is your destiny, your destiny, destiny... *GOLD STAR ACROSS* Artha: If Word knew about this, he’d surely go after the Dragon Fish crew, to find out where it came from and to see if there’s anymore like it. Kitt: That means... he could come after you! Artha: Bring it on! I’ll use the gear against ‘im! Kitt: No, we should wait for Mortis. Parmon: You know, I think I’ve got this all figured out anyway. This is incredibly powerful stuff! [Takes the gear]Draconium [I can't tell what the word is] , a flexible Mag-plate, not unlike Elite Class gear... That’d make it very, very dangerous. Kitt: Uh, how dangerous? Parmon: [happily] Oh, extremely. And look, it still holds charge from the last dragon that magged it. Amazing! A charge from three thousand years... [a strange whirring is heard from the gear] ago…? [Everyone begins to back away very slowly] Artha: You’d better up that down, Parm Lance: [looks freaked out] Parm, step away from the gear... Parmon: [a girly scream] [Parmon tosses the gear, and it lands, aimed at Lance] Lance: AAH! Parmon: [The gear stops the whirring sound]Ah, that was close. [Wipes his head] Phew... [Suddenly, the gear activates and unlocks. A strange, flower-shape piece comes out and hits Artha. Slow motion happens, revealing the horrified faces of his companions.] Parmon: Artha... Beau! Artha?! Artha! Oh dear, What’ve I done?! Kitt: You deactivated him, Professor Lance: Oh no. *Commercial* Lance: Artha? Artha! Artha:[His eyes pop open and he starts saying something, but can’t move his jaw or lips so it comes out as sorta mumbles] ... Everybody: AAH! Artha: [more mumbling] Parmon: Well... at least he can still make a sound? Heh... Artha: [mumbling] Parmon: It’s amazing. [He begins examining a frozen Artha] This gear freezes gold draconium technology... and anything connected to it. Kitt: [rolls eyes sarcastically] Oh really, whatever gave you that idea? Artha: [mumbles] Kitt: [frustrated] Okay, no more guesswork. Mortis’ll know to get ‘im outta this jam. You guys stay here with the statue. Artha: [mumbles yet again] Kitt: Ah, no offense. [points backwards] I’m gonna get Mortis. [She leaves via the elevator] Artha: [mumbles] Parmon: C’mon, Lance. We don’t need to wait for Mortis. Lance: [confused] ...we don’t? Parmon: No. We can... go find the Dragon Fish ourselves, and ask them about the gear. Maybe they can reverse it. Lance: [exasperatedly] We can’t go see the Dragon Fish! They gave the gear to Dragon Booster, not us. Parmon: Right... um, well, we’ll take him and the gear. Artha: [More mumbling] *Gold Star across screen* Kitt: [sounds like the last syllable after a sentence] Mortis: [shakes his head worriedly] This is bad. The gear you described hasn’t been seen for three thousand years. It is far too dangerous to play with! We have to warn them! [Screen comes down] Parmon? Lance? They’re out of range. Kitt: I’m going after them. Mortis: Don’t let them do anything foolish. Kitt: [Gets on Wyldfyr] Too late for that. YAH! *Gold Star Across* <strong>Lance and Parmon: That way! [Pointing in opposite directions]
Artha:</strong> [mumbling, leaning towards Parmon, who props him up with a mag stick] Lance and Parmon: That way? [Pointing in the direction opposite the first one; now both pointing towards the other. Artha leans towards Lance’s side, who props him up again] Beau: [growls] Lance: What is it, Beau? Parmon: [gasps, looking through the binoculars] Purple tracking dragon! Someone’s onto us; we’d better make up our minds fast. Lance: I don’t think it’s after us. It’s them! [Lance watches the purple tracking dragon with interest; Artha falls next to him, but he doesn’t notice. Two people on Psi-class dragons come up from behind Marianis and Dorsull. Grinning maliciously. Moordryd and Cain are in front of them; Cain is laughing. Moordryd grins, then places his fist out, palm side down, where a Level Four Tacking Dragon lands] Marianis: Scales! It’s a trap! Lance: Oh no, they’re surrounded! Parmon: They need Dragon Booster. Hmm... [glances at Artha, who is on the floor] And we’ve got him! [Beau mags on Artha, who gets this stunningly hilarious look of terror in his eyes. Beau jumps down, then spreads his “wings”] Parmon: At least the stun gear is safe. Lance: It is? Parmon: Yes. I told you to... Oh please don’t tell me that I forgot to tell you to take the gear off... [flash to the gear on Beau in the bottom left and Parmon in the top right] Lance: [scratches his head sheepishly] Eh, eh... [Flash to the scene at the bottom] Moordryd: ATTACK! [points] Cain: Get ‘em! Beau: [lands on the ground and gives a big roar] Cain: [cowers] The Dragon Booster! Moordryd: Get ‘im! Artha: [Beau mags Artha into the air, hoping he’ll do something. When nothing happens, he finally starts swinging him around, causing the Dragon Eyes to duck] NO! [floats in the air] BEAU NO! Parmon: [joyful] Look Lance! He can talk! It wears off! Artha: BEAU NOOO! [lands on the saddle] Ah... I can move... [a crack is heard. Artha cringes] …sorta. C’mon boy! Moordryd: [points to the gear] He’s got the ancient gear! Attack! [A ramming gear is activated and aimed at the duo] Artha: Watch out! [the ball hits the gear, which falls to the ground] Moordryd: The gear! [He grabs it] Moordryd: Got it! Dragon Eyes, we’re done here. Let’s go. Artha: [grabs his head in sheer anger] NOOOO! Kitt: [She rides up, worried] Don’t tell me. Parmon: [fingers nervously] Okay... I won’t. *Dragon Eye Across* Armageddon: Moordryd Moordryd: Wha? [Grabs the amulet around his neck. The eyes appear] Armageddon: It is the ancient way; ways of power that I will teach you. You are the one, Moordryd Paynn. Moordryd: I have stolen the gear from the Dragon Fish, and I will use it to crush my enemies in the Down-City Council of Twelve. Armageddon: Perfect. Your father will not be happy when your father interferes with his plans for a Dragon-Human War. Moordryd: No, he won’t. Armageddon: None of that will matter I will teach you about the power he never shared with you, and as my student, you will become even more powerful than the one they call Dragon Booster. [Moordryd grins maliciously] Artha: Ah, what in the Magna Draconis were you guys thinking? Kitt: [rolls her eyes, as if it was obvious] They weren’t. Artha: Now Moordryd’s got the ancient gear. Do you have any idea how bad this is? Lance: [grabs his helmet] It’s really bad... [points to Parmon accusingly] It was Parmon’s idea! Parmon: [stunned] Lance! Lance: It WAS. Parmon: Well, I have another idea. Artha: [bored] Yeah? [Kitt and Lance look at him, blinking] Parmon: We can track them. Artha: [frustrated] Track them? How? Parmon: [pulls out the tracking dragon] With this little guy. Kitt: [confused] Moordryd’s tracking dragon? Parmon: I caught him trying to follow Moordryd. Now, by using a reverse transmitter, I can override the dragon’s mission plans in order to counter-track Moordryd. Artha: [raises an eyebrow] This better work. Parmon: Watch this! Go get ‘em! [dragon yawns and lays down. Parmon looks frustrated ]Go get ‘em, I command you. [Dragon scratches behind his ear. Parmon growls] Lance: Ha-ha! [Kitt laughs] Artha: [bored] Do you do this on purpose? Parmon: [gives Bambi eyes] Um, Please go get ‘em? [The dragon, by now, is asleep, with a small snot bubble coming out of its nose] Artha: Beau? Beau: [roars. The dragon is alert and flies off to find Moordryd] Parmon: See, I told you it would work. [The others roll their eyes. Flash to where the dragon is flying around, finding Moordryd, Cain, and the Dragn Fish crew] Kitt: There they are, and it looks like the Dragon Fish caught up with ‘em again. Marianis: [dodges a mag-blast from Decepshun, holding a mag stick] Gimme back my gear, Paynn! [The two are magged into the air, fighting each other, until Dorsull intervenes and fires a Dragon Star gear at Decepshun, whose mag energy fades. She shakes her head, and Moordryd falls, landing on the top of a trash bin, which flips down, causing Moordryd to fall into the alleyway.] Armageddon: Moordryd, Moordryd: [pulls out the amulet] You! What should I do? Armageddon: They want the gear. Give it to them. [Moordryd comes out of hiding, holding the stun gear. He aims it at Marianis’s dragon, causing it and Dorsull's to freeze. The heroes gasp] Kitt: NO! Marianis: [attempts to move Poseidos, her dragon] He’s locked our gear. Dorsull! Dorsull: Locked too. Marianis: Hand-to-hand! [pulls out a mag stick again. She is suddenly hit with an energy-draining whip used by Cain] Dorsull: Marianis, I’ll free ya! [pulls out his mag stick, only to have the same treatment by Moordryd] Artha: Stay here. [Beau and Artha jump down and glide towards the foes] Beau: [Roars. He aims a mag-blast at Cain and Coershun, which hits them head-on. Cain and the dragon slam into the wall, stars dancing around his head] Moordryd: Cain, c’mon. Get up! [Artha jumps off of Beau, about ten feet away from Moordryd] Artha: Just you and me now. Moordryd: Yes! I’ve been waiting for this! [Moordryd sets the gear to the side of him; Artha brings out his mag-stick. The screen now goes back and forth between Moordryd and Artha’s determined eyesight, until at last, Moordryd aims the Stun Gear at Artha, only to see Artha’s foot land right on his chest, knocking the gear right out of his hands. Moordryd gets up, in which the screen flashes to Artha, now running head-on for Moordryd, mag stick ready. Moordryd gets out his mag stick and jumps for the hero, who does the same. They are now interlocked, staring each other down, until Artha finally breaks the embrace, trying to slam Moordryd with the stick. Moordryd blocks the blows, trying to trip Artha. He jumps, but is kicked in the chest away from Moordryd. He lands on his back, but he gets right back up, wiping his lips angrily. Leaping up into a triple flip, he lands infront of Moordryd, bring the stick into a Moordryd with a powerful slam. Moordryd appears dazed, only to see Artha running for the gear. He grabs his leg and gets up, only to have Artha to grab his leg in return. Artha leaps up, but Moodryd aims the gear at him, causing it to activate. The gear hits Artha, causing him to fall on his back still in the same pose. He mumbles, for his lips nor jaw can move.] Moordryd: Perfect! [looks at Beau] And now, I shall take what is rightfully mine! [Beau is growling at Decepshun, who is backing away cautiously] I’ve always wanted a gold dragon! [Beau runs for Moordryd, who aims the gear at him. It activates and Beau freezes on the spot] Kitt and Lance: NO! Kitt: [worried] I hope you have a plan. Parmon: The same plan! Kitt and Lance: [in disbelief] The SAME plan?! Parmon: Yes! Maybe, just maybe, the gear can un-freeze him too. [He hits a button on Cyrano’s panel, causing him to mag-blast Artha upwards. Artha, as it appears, doesn’t like this] Artha: [mumbles nervously. He is now flying toward Moordryd] Cain: [points toward the flying hero] Moordryd, look out! He’s not frozen! [Artha’s eyes become filled with terror] Moordryd: How does this thing work anyway!?! [He aims the gear at Artha, which suddenly activates and unfreezes him] Artha: [looks at his fingers, wiggles them] I can move! [lands right in front of Moordryd. Moordryd looks rather worried] I think it’s time you chilled! [We now see flashes of punches and kicks Artha gives to Moordryd, similar to the ones near the beginning of the show. Moordryd lets go of the gear. It is sent flying right into Artha’s hands] Got it! [He looks at Beau, aims the gear at him, causing it to activate and unfreeze his friend] Beau: [roars] [Moordryd angrily tosses a disruptor mine at Artha, who jumps away in the nick of time. The Dragon Eyes run off.]Lance (comm): Artha, they’re getting away! Artha: Let them go. [looks at the gear] We have what we came for. Marianis: [shakes her head wearily] Ah, what a headache. Are you okay, Dorsull? Dorsull: A bit dizzy, but okay. Artha: Great job Beau. Time to go. Marianis: You... defeated the gear? But how? Artha: A little luck and a little help from my friends. I’m sorry. This gear should be kept off the street and safe. I know just the place. *Commercial* Moordryd: I’m afraid I have failed you. I am not worthy to keep the amulet. My father was right about me. Armageddon: Not true. This is just the beginning of your training. Soon you will find the gauntlet that fits this amulet and then victory will be possible for you. Word: Moordryd! Where are you? Moordr- Moordryd: What does my father know of my destiny? Armageddon: Very good. You’re learning already. Moordryd: Who are you? Armageddon: Your teacher forever and your guide to your destiny. Call me Armageddon.


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