Dragon Booster Episode 34: Slithercorp

Scene: A dragway as a race is in progress, focus on Artha, Kitt and Moordryd...

Artha: (as Moordryd comes up to him and Kitt) Who invited you to this party?

Moordryd: (derisively) No one... I`m crashing it! (sends a magbolt at Artha, who sends it back with a bolt of his own, knocking Moordryd and Descepshun into the wall) Whaa?

Kitt: (as she passes both Artha and Moordyrd) Ladies first! (to Artha)This is an Academy race stableboy, and I need the points as much as you do!

Scene: Kitt activates thruster gear, moves ahead into the lead to the crowd`s cheers, deactivting it when she enters the obstacle course of the track; she avoids the swinging obstacles, but notices a large hole in her path and activates white aerogear to fly over the opening; Artha and Moordryd also leap over, but Moordryd mag-blasts Artha and Beau, causing them to fall into the hole as Moordryd snickers nastily...

Artha: Kitt! (as Beau struggles to hold on) Help! (Kitt and Wyldfyr stop to help, Moordryd races past)

Moordryd: (to Kitt) Enjoy the view, stablebrat! I hear the Academy calling me! (laughs)

Kitt: That`s not the Academy you hear... (activates ramming gear, sends maceball at Moordryd, knocking him off his dragon) It`s my green ramming gear!

Artha: (as Beau loses his grip) Help! Kitt!! (Kitt has Wyldfyr mag onto Beau, saving him and Artha from falling; they then head farther into the obstacle course) Th-thanks for coming back, I owe you one!

Kitt: You owe me more than one, stableboy.

Moordryd: (getting up as Kitt and Artha flash past him) Huh? You`ll pay for this! (gets on his dragon, follows behind them, avoiding obstacles until he sees an opportunity and mag-blasts Kitt and Wyldfyr, holding them in place as a swinging obstacle hits them, knocking them down hard)

Kitt: (dazed from the hit and the fall)Whoa...

Artha: (from ahead, notices Kitt`s fall) Kitt!! (Moordryd chuckles as he passes Kitt; Atha continues to race, as he`s right at the finish and takes first place)

Scene: Pit Row, as an angry Kitt approaches Artha, Parmon, and Lance...

Kitt: Humph... clawed your way back to a win, thanks to me!

Artha: (having the grace to be embarrassed) Uh... yeah... well... ah, yeah.

Moordryd: (snickering as he passes them) Nice race, stablebrats! But have you checked the overall points standings? Kitt`s last place finish officially put her out of the running! (mock sympathy) I`m sorry, no Academy for you this year! (laughs as he leaves; two other racers approach)

Racer 1: Alot of us are in the same saddle, Won. But there is hope - Slithercorp!

Kitt: Slithercorp?

Racer1: A new company that`s training and sponsoring racers directly to the elite class, bypassing the Academy!

Parmon: (sputtering) Oh, what a load of scales! You can`t bypass the Academy, the Academy is where they teach ancient mag-techniques, legends, and lore...

Rider 1: (interrupts) Tha Academy`s a relic of the past! Slithercorp`s got modern scientifically proven training methods and the latest technology!

Kitt: Hmmm...

Scene: A short distance away, Moordryd watches through binocs and listens with interest to the conversation, them comms his father...

Moordryd: Father, do you know anything about some new place called Slithercorp? All the street racers are talking about it.

Word: All you need concern yourself with is getting into the Academy. Is that understood?

Moordryd: Yes, father, but...

Word: But nothing! (ends comm)

Armageddon: Moordryd. I believe your father is somehow involved with this Slithercorp, and it appears he`s pushing you out of his plans.

Moordryd: Perhaps I should keep an eye on him Armagadon... a Dragon Eye! (Moordryd releases a tiny Spydrag, sending it off towards Paynn Tower)

Scene: Penn Stables, Artha and Parmon are stacking crates requiring the both of them to do it - barely...

Artha: (groaning with effort) Uh, Kitt? A little help here? (Kitt, lost in thought, ignores him; grunting in effort, he and Parmon almost lose it, getting a yelp out of Parmon, until Kitt helps enough to save them)

Kitt: I`m always helping you, Artha Penn, and what do I have to show for it?

Artha: Kitt! I`m sorry!

Kitt: You will be sorry after I sign up at Slithercorp!

Artha: Slithercorp? That place is shadier than a wraith-dragon! C`mon, don`t get crazy!

Kit: (very angry now) CRAZY?Maybe I`ll become an elite class racer before you do! (leaves)

Scene: Across from Slithercorp and above, Artha, Parmon, and Lance watch as Kitt enters the building...

Artha: Let`s look around and see what Slithercorp is really up to!

Scene: Kitt racing in an obstacle course, which turns out to be a vid image, with Wyldfyr racing on a treadmill, as someone watches from behind a semi-transparent panel; Meanwhile Artha and crew wander the halls of Slithercorp, until they reach a queue of other racers; a door at the head of the line opens, and a computerized voice says "Next" as the next racer in line enters...

Artha: Huh, looks like their interviewing racers to get in.

Lance: (as he wanders over to a display of mag-gear) Whoa. Check out this totally drac gear!

Parmon: Maybe this place isn`t so bad after all. (a robotic gear rack turns the far corner, and activates what looks like weapons)

Artha: (nervously) Uhhh... you sure about that? (Parmon yelps, and as it approaches them, they are in the lineup; it stops beside them, waits a beat, then deactivates it`s weapons and moves off down another corridor) Stay here! I`m gonna follow it. (follows it down the corridor, hides as another comes from the opposite direction)

Lance: (back where Artha left them) If Artha doesn`t come back soon, you might actually have to get interviewed! (the door opens in front of them, and the computerized voice says "next", to Parmon`s shock; he looks in and sees another mag-rack behind a desk)

Scene: Artha follows the mag-rack into a room and hides as it scans the room; then the door opens and Word Paynn walks in...

Word: (to mag-rack) Progress report?

Mag-rack: (the source of the computerized voice) We have aquired one hundred and six racers. Fifty have been secured and fitted with wraith gear.

Word: Excellent. The adjustments to my transmitter will be complete within the hour. It will alow me to control the entire army. All I needed was the leader. (activates a viewscreen that shows Kitt and Wyldfyr mock racing) Now I have her. First we will capture Dragon Booster, then when he`s out of the way, I`ll unleash my wraith army on the city as phase one of my new Dragon-Human War! (laughs until something behind him falls) Eh? (turns and notices the ventilation cover on the wall is swinging open, after Artha enters it unnoticed) Intruder! Alert security!!

Scene: The interview room, Parmon is seated infront of the desk, with Lance to one side...

Parmon: (nervously) Oh, well, let`s see, I`m great with gear, and have a complete understanding of draconium wave variences and sibilence distortion... why the mag-wave tendancies of a fully geared dragon...

Lance: (to himself as Parmon drones on) It`s like a robot talking to another robot!

Scene: Parmon continues to chatter to the robot as Artha comes bursting into the room behind the robot and dives over the desk onto Parmon`s rolling chair, grabbing Lance on the way...

Lance: Look out! (another robot comes in and mag-blasts Artha who uses the force to move the chair out of the way and mags a piece of gear at the robot, knocking it out of the way into the hallway it came in, followed by their rolling chair; they then take off down a corridor but are confronted by another robot; noticing a wall display of disruptor mines, Lance tosses one towards the robot, then they head off on the opposite direction, finally entering a dark room)

Parmon: Where are we? (activates a light stick, illuminating several wraithgear controlled racers; our heroes freak and take off out of there down some corridors, avoiding robots, finally taking refuge in another room, only to find Kitt and Wyldfyr running the mock-course, suprising her)

Kitt: Huh?

Artha: Kitt?? We need to get you out of here! (Kitt scoffs) This is a front for Word Paynn!

Word: (in the control room behind an opaque window where they can`t see or hear him) Quite right, young Penn... and now it seems you are in quite a lot of trouble too! (picks up his wraith controller)

Kitt: What? I don`t believe it. Your just tring to... (screams as the gear she is wearing activates, revealing it to be modified wraith gear)

Artha: Noooo!!! (Kitt and Wyldfyr are now wraiths; Parmon freaks and Lance takes out another disruptor mine and throws it at Kitt)

Lance: (as he activates it) Take cover! (Kitt snarls as they make their escape; Word enters the room with a robot)

Word: Take her and the others to my citadel and prepare to attack Dragon City!

Scene: Penn Stables, Artha, Lance, Parmon, and Connor...

Artha: So now Word has turned Kitt and the other racers he`s tricked into wraiths!

Connor: To control that many wraiths and wraith dragons requires a stronger transmitter than the one Word has been using.

Parmon: Perhaps he`s improved the transmitter he already has!

Artha: We have to smash it and get Kitt back!

Parmon: Or fry it with orange overload pods!

Scene: Word`s control room in his citadel, Word activates the transmitter, waking his wraiths...

Word: Lead my army into the streets! Spread chaos and destruction... and bring me the Dragon Booster! (the wraiths leave, as Word laughs, while Moordryd`s spydrag watches from above)

Scene: The wraiths leave Word`s citadel; switches to Penn stables, Lance is placing some gear when a bulletin comes over the vid screen...

Reporter: Breaking news! Dragon City Security is advising all citizens to stay indoors, those mysterious wraith dragons now have riders, and they are attacking civillians in the market! (scenes of wraiths from the market, one familliar appears...)

Lance: It`s Kitt!!

Artha: Let`s move! I`ll go to the market as Dragon Booster and handle the wraith army, while you guys sneak into the citadel and deactivate Word`s transmitter!

Scene: The market, as Dragon City Security battles the wraiths...

Captain Fehr: Keep `em back, men! (the wraiths overwhelm them, until Dragon Booster arrives and scatters the wraiths)

Artha/Dragon Booster: Get to safety, Captain Fehr... I`ll take care of this!

Scene: Two wraiths launch ramming balls at Artha, who dodges one and bats the other back, hitting a wraith; two wraiths launch from their saddles knocking Artha from Beau`s back and try to pin him to the ground, but fail to do so for long; Artha gets to his feet, but is confronted by wraith Kitt; Scene switches to Parmon and Lance, as they move through the vent towards Word`s control room...

Parmon: Are you sure this is the same vent that you used last time to get in here?

Lance: Well it sure looks like it! (they move to the end of the vent) See?

Parmon: There`s the transmitter... (gasps) and Word!

Lance: You`ll have to throw the pod, and try to land it on the transmitter! (Parmon activates the gear and throws it near the transmitter, but it malfunctions)

Parmon: Oh dear!

Scene: The market as Artha is confronted by wraith Kitt...

Artha: I don`t want to hurt you, Kitt!

Scene: Two wraiths mag each of Artha`s arms, then two others mag his feet, hauling him into the air spread-eagled, as wraith Kitt gets ready to use her ramming gear...

Artha: (as Kitt is about to fire) Kitt! Noooooooooo!!!(Beau suddenly notices Artha`s predicament, knocks the wraith dragons surrounding him away and leaps down one street level, to Artha`s confusion) Where`re you going, boy? Beau!! (Kitt fires her ramming ball, but misses as Beau mags Artha from the street below) Whoaaaa!!! (wraith Kitt snarls at this) Ohhh, I knew you`d never leave me behind! (comms Parmon) Parm! Did you deactivate the transmitter yet?

Parmon: (flustered) Well, the overload pod wasn`t quite as effective as I thought.

Lance: He means that it overloaded.

Artha: Well then make another more effective pod and meet me outside Word`s citadel!

Scene: An alleyway just outside the citadel...

Lance: (nervously) Artha? (suddenly a hand covers his and Parmon`s mouths from behind, pulling them further into the alley, as wraiths go by the entrance to the alley)

Parmon: So, what`s the plan to get into Word`s citadel with these wraiths everywhere?

Artha: Hmmmm... (suddenly he pulls them out of the alleyway and calls to the wraiths) Hey, guys! Were over here! (the wraiths turn and come towards them)

Parmon: (freaked) If this is the plan to get in, please tell me you have one to get out!

Artha: (nervously) Ah ha ha... I`m still working on that part!

Scene: Interior of the citadel, an energy-barred holding cell contianing out heroes as Word gloats...

Word: Well well well... the stablebrat and his merry band! With you behind bars, it won`t be long before Dragon Booster blunders into my hands! (laughs as the bridge he`s on moves away from the cell, trapping them over an abyss)

Artha: Okay, did you bring the overload pod? (Parmon lifts his helmet, causing Lance to laugh at the state of his hair, as the pod is in his helmet) Love the new look, Parm, but it kinda makes you look shorter! (Lance continues to laugh, Parmon says nothing, miffed)

Parmon: (activates pod, which again overloads itself) Oh! My overload gear... overloaded! I don`t understand! I revamped the ionic coagulator, I reconfigured the energy hypercoil... huh? (as Lance takes the pod from him and goes to the center of the cell, slamming it down hard as he gets there, to Parmon`s utter suprise) Oh, no! (the pod activates, overloading the energy bars, deactivating them) It worked!

Lance: Yeah, it was drac!

Parmon: (seeing the state of the pod) Oh, how`re going to take out Word`s transmitter now? (suddenly an alarm goes off, and the citadel defences start attacking them)

Artha: Hang on! (leaps off the edge with the others, activates his glider pack, lands them safely below; points ahead of him...) Guys! That way!!(They run off out of the cellblock, watched by Moordryd`s spydrag)

Moordryd: (watching on his vid screen) It appears the stablebrats are about to ruin my father`s plan... unless of course I decide to help him. Unleash the Shadow (activates his Shadow Booster armour)

Scene: Artha and crew duck through a door to find...

Parmon: (suprises) Cyrano! (Cyrano, Beau, and Fracshun are fetlocked in the room; Artha hits the wall-mounted release for the fetlocks, freeing the dragons, who go to their riders)

Artha: (to Beau) Good to have you back, Beau. Okay, guys... we have to find a way out of here. (Parmon leans against the far wall, causing a panel to raise up)

Parmon: (suprised) Oh! Uh, look what I found!

Lance: With your butt?

Parmon: Um, yes. Well, oh. It`s just some black draconium mind pods and wraith gear... it`s not much use I`m afraid.

Artha: Wait! That gives me an idea!

Parmon: It does?

Artha: Yes! You`re both going to attack Word`s control platform and destroy the transmitter... but first I`m gonna capture you!

Parmon: Excellent! (suddenly confused) What?

Artha: We`re all going to be under mind control.

Lance: (confused) By Word`s mind pod devices?

Artha: (to Parmon) If you can tune these to Beau`s mag frequency, Word might think we`re under control, which means maybe we can get close enough to him!

Scene: Word`s control room; Word, wraith Kitt and other wraiths as Artha comes in, seemingly having control over Parmon and Lance...

Word: Stablebrats? Under mind control?? (they approach) Perhaps my son has been more useful than I thought. (suddenly, the wraith gear on Artha, Parmon, and Lance shut off and fall away from them) What???

Scene: After the gear falls away, Parmon ans Lance charge towards the control platform, until wraith Kitt fires trapping pods at them, catching them, while Artha makes his move...

Word: Stop him!!! (the other wraiths move towards Artha, but Beau sweeps them off their feet as Artha mags off Beau towards wraith Kitt, who fires her thruster gear at him; Artha fires a mag blast directly at the control pod on wraith Kitt`s chest, damaging it)

Word: NOOOOOO!!!

Scene: The pod sparks, but Kitt remains a wraith; Artha mags back onto Beau`s back, as three other wraiths fire their ramming balls at them, knocking them back and over the edge of the platform, with Beau just barely hanging on; wraith Kitt approaches them...

Artha: Kitt! You`re almost free of the wraith gear! Snap out of it! You can beat the gear! Kitt!! (Kitt screams as she defeats the gear`s hold on her) Kitt! (Kitt gets a hold of herself, looks angrilly at Word and fires her thruster gear at the transmitter, knocking it over, damaging it)

Word: Nooooo!!! (the wraith gear powers down and falls off the other riders, and they come to their senses)

Racer 1: What happened?

Racer 2: I don`t know, but lets get out of here! (the three of them leave quickly)

Artha: Let`s go!

Moordryd/Shadow Booster: Not yet, I`m afraid! (mags off his dragon towards them, Artha mags off to meet him in mid air, where they clash, struggle against each other and separate, but Artha can`t avoid the next magblast, and falls to the floor of the platform; Moordryd fires another magblast at Artha, but misses as Beau mags Artha out of the way and into his saddle)

Artha: (relieved)Thanks, Beau!

Lance: Artha! I have a plan! (holds up another disrupter mine) I had one left from Slithercorp!

Artha: Nice work, bro! (they leave the platform as Moordryd mags back onto his dragon and begins to come after them)

Moordryd: Not so fast, stablebrat! (Lance tosses the mine behind him and Moordryd and his dragon notice it and come to a screaching halt as it goes off in front of them, wrecking the bridge forcing them to just barely make it back to the platform, where Word is lying, coughing) Sorry your plan didn`t work. (offers Word a hand up)

Word: You fought well, Shadow Booster. If only my son showed half your skill!

Moordryd/Shadow Booster: Moordyd deserves a little respect. After all, he`s an important piece in our plan for world domination!

Word: Our plan?

Moordryd: Together, we will be unstoppable!

Scene: The starting block of a race about to be run, Artha and Kitt are among the racers...

Artha: Kitt? I`m sorry for taking you for granted, you always help me out! I`m hoping that if I do get into the Academy, I can bring all of you as part of my crew!

Kitt: You better... you`ll need me there, too! I`m still a faster racer than you!

Artha: We`ll see... (the race starts, and the racers take off - spinning Parmon at the side of the track around in their backwash as they go by...)

Parmon: Whoa, (falls down, dizzy) oh, my!

Lance: (laughing at the new state of Parmon`s hair) Now that`s a hairstyle!

Scene fades to black

**** F I N ****


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