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[Word’s control room. Moordryd and Word are there.]

Moordyrd: you called for me, father.

(Word holds up a vial of something black.)

Word: that tiny bottle contains the work of half a lifetime Moordryd. (Moordryd takes the vial and looks at it closely.) Liquid black draconium.

Moordryd: liquid?

Word: Yes, highly concentrated. If a dragon, say the Dragon of Legend were to drink this, the black draconium would flow freely through his veins, turning his very bones to black, utterly crushing his will. (As he is talking, the main screen of his control board shows a picture of Beau, black and gold form, revolving, his gold marks slowly turning to black, claws lengthing.) He would become my slave.

Moordyrd: what about the Dragon Booster?

Word: without his Dragon, the Dragon Booster is nothing. (Moordryd smiles and turns to leave.) And Moordyrd. (Turns back) do not fail me.

[Outside a gear store. A kid is looking in the window.]

Kid: Whoa. This gear is totally drac.

Moordryd: this is nothing compared to what my father will give us once we pull off this little job. (He holds up a white gear pack with a clear tube set in it.)This hydro Pac is an exact copy of the one I’ve seen on the Dragon of Legend. And this little gift from my father. (Opens up the vial and pores the black liquid into the hydro Pac) contains enough liquid black draconium to enslave a thousand dragons.

Cain: liquid. If the Dragon of Legend drinks that...

Moordyrd: ...he will fall under my father’s power, and the Dragon Booster will be out of a job. (They laugh. Voices around the corner. Shadows appear.)

Cain: someone’s coming. (Moordryd hides the Pac behind his back as Lance and Parmon come around the corner.)

Moordryd: well, well. (They stop and look at him.) Look what we have here. The geek and the pipsqueak. Isn’t it past your bed time?

Parmon: (bitterly) hello Moordryd.

(Lance’s eyes widen as he spots the kid next to Moordyrd.)

Lance: Spratt! What are you doing with these guys?

Moordryd: (places a hand on Spratt’s shoulder) Spratt’s my newest recruit. He rides with the Dragon Eyes now. (Spratt straightens up proudly.)

Lance: I though we were friends?

Spratt: we were. But you were never around, Lance. The dragon eyes stick together. (Shows his wrist band, which has a white dragon eye on it.) Unlike some people I know.

(Lance looks hurt)

Moordyrd: Cain.

(Cain holds up a cutting gear. Spratt looks over at Lance, then grins, takes the gear and goes over to the gear shop window.)

Lance: Spratt, what’re you doing?

(Spratt places the gear against the window and activates It. it cuts a large hold in the glass. He takes it out and the dragon eyes start loading the gear into a large van.)

Parmon: come on, Lance. We need to, uh… (Stops as Cain comes over.)

Cain: you’re not going anywhere.

Moordyrd: let them go, Cain.

(Cain stares at Moordyrd, then moves aside. Parmon and Lance leave, Lance keeping his eyes on Spratt, who is carrying a thruster gear towards the van.)

Cain: (once they’re gone.) those little sneaks will raise the alarm.

Moordyrd: exactly. And who’s always first at the crime scene? The Dragon Booster, and he will walk right into our trap.

[Black dragon eye across the screen. The van door closes. Dragon Booster arrives. Beau roars.]

Dragon Booster: daddy cut up your drakkle-card, Moordyrd?

Moordyrd: you’re the one who’s about to pay.

(Cain fires a trapping gear. Dragon Booster hits it back with his jakk-stick. It flies back towards Rancydd, trapping him against the van.)

Dragon Booster: will that be cash, (twirls his stick) or check?

Moordyrd: (whispers to Spratt) get ready kid. (Holds up a flash stick)

Dragon Booster: Flash stick.

(Moordyrd activates It. slow motion of Beau and Dragon Booster shielding their eyes. Moordryd yanks Beau’s hydro Pac off with an energy drain whip. Spratt mags over and replaces it with the other Pac, then gives Moordryd a thumbs up and mags back. Dragon Booster and Beau recover, neither of them aware of what just took place. Beau roars)

Cain: let’s get outta here.

(The Dragon Eyes bolt past them. Dragon Booster turns Beau around to follow them.)

Dragon Booster: come on, Beau. We gotta catch a few old friends. (Beau makes a tired grunt.) What is it, boy? (looks down as Beau moans.) Oh, no wonder you’re thirsty. (Shifts the hydro Pac a bit and the tube extends) The feeder tube to your hydro Pac must have been knocked loose during the fight. (The liquid black draconium pores down it to Beau’s mouth. Dragon Booster activates his com-link.)

Dragon Booster: Parm, did you get a fix on where our late night shoppers went?

Parmon: (on Dragon Booster’s screen.) western quaderant, they’re heading towards Moordryd’s compound.

Dragon Booster: (to himself) Chicken’s going home to roost.

(Beau suddenly growls. The last of the liquid black draconium drains out of the Pac. Beau’s gold marking start to turn black. His eyes turn from yellow to dark purple.)

Parmon: Artha, I’ve detected a shift in Beau’s gold draconium energy output. You might want to…

(He doesn’t finish the sentence as Beau suddenly mags Dragon Booster up and out of the saddle. Dragon Booster hits the ground and sits up as Beau advances, growling.)

Dragon Booster: Beau.

Moordryd: seems like he’s not the faithful friend you though he was. (To his crew) Seize them. Seize them both. (Spratt’s smile fades. Cain fires a trapping gear at Dragon Booster.)

[Gold star across the screen. Parmon, Lance and Kitt are outside the store where the fight took place. Parmon is looking around.]

Lance: Spratt was my best friend. Why would he do this?

Kitt: who knows? (Kneels down and places a hand on Lance’s shoulder.) You’ve been pretty caught up with us lately. Maybe he got jealous of your new friends and made some of his own.

Lance: I lost my best friend and my brother.

Parmon: over here. (Lance and Kitt go over to him as he holds up the vial.) Look. And there’s Beau’s hydro Pac. (Points to the pac, lying in pieces I the gutter.)

Lance: but, Beau was wearing his hydro Pac when they captured him. I saw it.

Parmon: the robbery, that battle. It was all just a diversion.

Kitt: a diversion?

Parmon: they did something to Beau. We have to see Mortis. Come on.

[Gold star across the screen. Parmon, Kitt and Lance are at the Dragon temple with Mortis.]

Parmon: so that means that Moordyrd and Spratt switched Beau’s hydro Pac.

Lance: but why?

Parmon: to use this. (Holds up the vial) I found it lying near the Pac.

Mortis: let me see that vial. (Takes the vial from Parmon and sniffs it. It is not pleasant) it’s worst than I thought. He tried for years. I didn’t think he’d succeed.

Kitt: what is it, Mortis?

Mortis: Word Paynn has developed liquid black draconium, and Beau has been infected.


Parmon: (nervous) infected?

Mortis: liquid black draconium penetrates a dragon’s very blood, changing it, corrupting it. Soon Beau’s blood will flow as black as Word Paynn’s heart. He will become Word’s slave.

Parmon: Beau is the Dragon of Legend. And with his influence over all dragons, he can be used to call them all to the final battle.

[Dragon Eye compound.]

Word: at last, the ever troublesome Dragon Booster. (Dragon Booster struggles against Cain and Rancydd.) The last hope of Dragon City. Let’s have a closer look at our hero, shall we?

(Moordryd smiles, goes over to Dragon Booster, takes hold of the helmet and pulls. Problem is, the helmet is attached to the rest of the armor, so it doesn’t budge. Moordryd tries again, harder, bracing himself against Dragon Booster’s chest. But the helmet stays on.)

Moordryd: it won’t budge. (Wraps his arms around the helmet and pulls hard. Nothing, though it is very amusing to watch.)

Dragon Booster: you really gotta start eating your greens, Moordryd.

Word: silence, worm!

(Moordyrd lets go. Word looks closely at the armor. View from behind the visor, with Word looking closely at Dragon Booster.)

Word: interesting. (Straightens up.) This armor is wrought in the old ways. (Interested look from Cain.) It is gold draconium and can not be removed. At least not while its wearer still draws breath. Take him away. (Cain and Rancydd pull Dragon Booster out of the room.) We have more pressing matters.

Dragon Booster: Leave my dragon alone, Paynn!

Word: oh, he’s no longer your dragon. (Pushes a button on a wraith controller. Beau roars.)

Dragon Booster: Beau! BEAU!!!!!!

[Dragon temple. Lance sits silently on a rock. Mortis stands next to him.]

Mortis: stay strong, Lance. All is not lost, not yet.

Lance: (close to tears.) what do you mean? I’ve lost my father, my best friend and now my only brother. I’ve lost everything.

Mortis: (kneels down and places a hand on Lance’s shoulder.) but you must not loose your hope. What is lost can always be found again. Like this. (Pulls a vial of gold liquid from behind Lance’s ear. Lance gasps.)

[Dragon eye compound. Cain and Rancydd are playing around with some dice like things. Cain looks over at Spratt.]

Cain: hey, shrimp. Go check on the prisoner.

Spratt: (annoyed) the name’s Spratt.

Cain: shrimp, Spratt. They’re both tiny little fish. Now move it before I use you for bait.

(Spratt glares at him, before going to the door of the holding cell. He opens it and goes over to where Dragon Booster is held up against the wall by a trapping gear, his head down. Spratt holds up a juice box with a straw, Dragon Booster lifts his head a bit and takes a sip.)

Dragon Booster: thanks.

Spratt: are you really the Dragon Booster?

Dragon Booster: yeah, but maybe not for long. Hey, didn’t you use to hang out with my… (Stops himself)…with Lance Penn?

Spratt: (surprised) you know Lance?

Dragon Booster: sure. He’s like a kid brother to me.

Spratt: all he wants to do is hang out with his show off brother and his racing buddies. I’ve got new friends now, the Dragon Eyes. (Gestures to the door of the cell.) And we stick together.

Dragon Booster: that’s what they told you?

(They both look up as Cain calls from the other room.)

Cain: hey shrimp, Spratty, what ever yer name is. Get in here, now!

(Spratt lowers his head, an angry look on his face.)

Dragon Booster: they don’t sound like friends to me. (Spratt looks sad.) Lance was a real friend, and real friends know what it takes to forgive.

Cain: hey! We’re waiting.

Spratt: (whispers to Dragon Booster.) if I let you go, will you take me with you?

Dragon Booster: that’s what friends do.

[Stage area of the Dragon Eye Compound. Beau is standing in the middle of the room. Word is at a control panel, Moordryd and Cain are behind him.]

Dragon Booster: Get away from my dragon!

(They turn to see him standing in the door way. He stomps on the end of a pole and it flies up into his hands.)

Cain: two against one, I like those odds.

(Moordryd goes for Dragon Booster. Dragon Booster dodges and whacks him with the pole. Moordryd goes down. Cain stares.)

Dragon Booster: you were saying? (jumps up, spins around like a top and lands next to Beau, facing Word. Word laughs and presses a button on the wraith controller. Beau roars at him.) Beau.

(Beau leaps on him and bites down on the pole in this hands.)

Word: Destroy the Dragon Booster!

(Beau flings Dragon Booster up. he lets go of the pole and flies up, over one of the overhead catwalks and comes down, yelling. He manages to grab hold of the main level cat walk. As he dangles there by one hand, Beau approaches the edge and stares down at him. Their eyes meet for a brief second, then Dragon Booster loses his grip on the catwalk and falls.)

Spratt: NO!

(Moordyrd turns around and Spratt stares at him in fear.)

[Cut to Dragon Booster still falling. He closes his eyes and concentrates. Wings unfold from the back of his armor and his soars down, then up again.]

Dragon Booster: Phew. Glad I went for the fully loaded model. (Soars away.)

[Dragon Temple. Mortis holds up the gold vial.]

Mortis: I have spent years developing this liquid gold draconium. I was going to use it to heal injured dragons. I feel it is our only chance.

Lance: so, we just feed this to Beau and he’ll get better?

Mortis: perhaps, perhaps not. But we must try.

Kitt: Sound good, but how are we gonna get there? Last I heard, Word’s little parties were by invitation only.

Artha: I guess I could bring it there. (They all turn to see Artha coming towards them.)

Lance: Artha! (Runs to his big brother.)

Artha: come here. (Lance leaps up into his arms. Parmon, Kitt and Mortis come over to them.)

Parmon: this is wonderful. But how did you get out? (Artha puts Lance down.)

Artha: I had a little inside help, and I need to get back there quick to get him out.

Lance: you mean Spratt?

(Artha nods. Lance looks up at Mortis, who smiles.)

Mortis: what is lost can always be found again. (To Artha) and Beau?

Artha: they’re both still in there and Beau’s gold markings are fading away by the second.

Mortis: soon Beau’s bones will pulse with black draconium energy and word will use him to call the dragons to war. Beau must drink the antidote before it is too late.

Parmon: we’ve gotta get in there.

Kitt: not gonna be easy, professor. Think they left the key under the mat?

Mortis: dragon city is an ancient place with many secrets. (Stands his staff up, don't ask me how, and pulls out a map, then hands it to Parmon before collecting his staff again.) This map should take you past Moordryd’s defenses. (Goes over to Artha and hands him the vial of liquid gold draconium.) Beau chose you for a reason. He won’t give up on you so easily. There is a great bond between you. And some bonds are too strong to ever be fully broken.

[Beau stands on a platform above the Dragon Eye compound. He roars loudly. Word, Moordyrd and Cain stand below, staring up.]

Word: listen and despair. The Dragon of Legend is building me an army.

[All over the city, dragons hear Beau and throw their riders. In a busy street, people look up and run for cover as dragons of every size and type stomp down the street, towards the Dragon Eye compound.]

[Below the city, Artha, Kitt, Parmon and Lance are following one of the old tunnels.]

Parmon: according to this map, if we follow this tunnel it should take us safely into the interior of the structure. (Hits his head against an open pipe in the roof. Stars around his head for a few seconds.)

Kitt: safely, huh.

(They stop at a grill that is blocking the tunnel. Kitt gets down from Wyldfyer’s saddle and approaches the vent. She looks in.)

Kitt: it’s too dark to see. Wait, I see something. (A pair of glowing yellow eyes appears out of the dark. She screams and falls back against Wyldfyer.) HYDRAG!!

Parmon: oh, um. Oh my. (Kitt looks up and Parmon, who looks at the map, confused.) Uh, something’s not right.

Kitt: ah, let me see that map, Parm.

(Parmon hands her the map. She looks at it, shakes her head at him, turns it the right way up and hands it back to him. He laughs nervously.)

Parmon: uh. It was, um, inadvertedly, uh, inverted. Now these strange symbols don’t seem, so strange. Excellent.

[Gold star across the screen. They are in a different tunnel.]

Artha: so, Parm. Are you sure we’re going the right way.

Parmon: Yes, I’m positive. (Silently.) I think.

(They stop at a large door. Parmon presses a green light on a panel next to the door. It opens and a gust of wind roars into the tunnel. They look out at a huge upwards air vent.)

Kitt: anyone feel like being a hero?

Artha: (pulls out the amulet.) RELEASE THE DRAGON! (Places the amulet in the gauntlet and transforms. He stands in the doorway. Parmon and Lance step forward but Dragon Booster puts up his arms to stop them.)

Dragon Booster: it’s too far for you. I go alone from here. I’ve come to get a friend back, Parm, not lose anymore.

(He leaps out of the doorway, sailing down towards the ladder on the other side. the others watch. Dragon Booster catches the ladder and starts to climb, when it breaks and a section of the ladder falls away into the darkness. Dragon Booster holds onto the bottom rung with one hand. Parmon, Lance and Kitt watch fearfully, gripping each other. Dragon Booster swings his other hand up and grabs the rung.)

Dragon Booster: they just don’t build rusty old ladders like they use to. (Heaves himself up and starts to climb.)

[Dragon eye compound. Zoom in on a vent in the floor. Dragon Booster punches it up and climbs out.]

[Up at the stage area, Spratt is held against a large support post by a trapping gear. he is staring around the post at what is going on with Beau. Suddenly, a hand covers his mouth and pulls him back. He gives a startled look, which fades when he sees Dragon Booster. Dragon Booster puts a finger to his lips, signaling him to be quiet, then deactivates the trapping gear.]

Dragon Booster: told you I’d be back. I’m gonna need your help, Spratt. (Lowers his voice.)

[Scroll over to Beau and Word.]

Dragon Booster: I’ve come to take my dragon back.

Word: oh, how touching. The little boy has come to rescue his lost puppy. (hits a red button. Beau lifts Dragon Booster off his feet with a black mag stream) Search him!

(Beau lowers Dragon Booster to the ground, still holding him with the mag stream. Moordryd and Cain check him over. Moordryd pulls out the vial of liquid gold draconium.)

Moordryd: what is this?

(Dragon Booster kicks it out of his hand. Beau roars and the vial sails slowly towards him. But just before it falls into his mouth, Words leaps up in front of Beau, grabs the vial, does a flip and comes down in a crouch.)

Word: I see my old friend Mortis has been busy. What a shame his work has been in vain. (Empties the contents of the vial over the edge of the catwalk. He then leaps into beau’s saddle. Beau starts to change. His markings turn to black, his claws extend. He becomes like the image that was on Word’s screen earlier. Dragon Booster stares)

Word: behold. His gold draconium has been turned! The Dragon of Legend is mine! Now we crush this insect.

(Moordryd and Cain zip away. Dragon Booster falls to the floor. Beau advances slowly, growling. He places his front paw on Dragon Booster’s chest and pushes down. Dragon Booster closes his eyes, then opens them again. Beau has stopped increasing the pressure and is just growling.)

Mortis: (voice over.) there is a great bond between you. (Beau growls) some bonds are…

Dragon Booster: (thoughts) …too strong to ever be fully broken.

Word: finish him.

Dragon Booster: SPRATT, NOW! (Spratt runs out from behind the post and throws the vial of liquid gold draconium to him.)

Word: Stop him!

(Moordryd and Cain leap towards the vial. At the last second, their eyes widen and they crash into each other. Dragon Booster catches the vial and tosses it into Beau’s open mouth. Beau closes his mouth on it and backs up. Dragon Booster gets up. Beau roars and starts to thrash about.)

Dragon Booster: Beau!

(Beau’s eyes change from dark purple to yellow. His markings turn back to gold, claws retract. Beau is free. He smiles. Word looks at the earlier vial.)

Word: what trickery is this?

Dragon Booster: that was dragon-ade, Word. Looks like you just spoiled my dragon’s favorite drink.

(Word is furious. Suddenly, Beau mags him up. The camera shows Dragon Booster watching him soar up. Then we hear a crash and Dragon Booster cringes a bit. Shot moves to Word, who is hanging from a few blue cable loops.)

Word: Get them!

(Moordyrd and Cain fire trapping gear at Beau and Dragon Booster. Beau fires off a black mag stream, knocking back the gears. Word is stunned.)

Word: he’s using the black draconium for power! He’s mastered it!

(Moordyrd and Cain stare, open mouthed.)

Dragon Booster: good to have you back boy. (Climbs up into his saddle.) C'm on, Spratt.

(Spratt, helmet on, runs up to them and Dragon Booster pulls him up onto the saddle behind him.)

Spratt: Whoa! Cool dragon!

Dragon Booster: the Best! (to Word) sorry to leave ya hangin’, Paynn. But we gotta go. (they leave.)

Word: You’ll pay for this, Dragon Booster! YOU’LL PAY!!!!

[Street. The dragon army is still advancing. Beau appears on the bridge above the road and roars. The dragons stop and stare up at him. He leaps down and approaches them. At first they stay still, then they clear a path for him, bowing as he passes. He moves through them. When he reaches the end he approaches Kitt, Wyldfyer, Parmon, Cyrano, Lance and Fracshun.]

Kitt: (to Dragon Booster) you did it!

Dragon Booster: couldn’t’ve done it with out Spratt here. (Points behind him. Spratt sticks his head out from behind Dragon Booster. When Beau stops, he gets down and goes over to Lance.)

Spratt: I’m sorry I was such a doofus. Are we still friends?

Lance: you bet. (Punch fists together.)

Kitt: good to have you back. (Shot of Beau and Dragon Booster.) Both of you.

(Final shot of the four dragons walking side by side down the street.)

[end credits]

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