The League of Eight were a group of elite dragons who ruled in the original Black Draconium Empire alongside Armeggaddon and The Vysox. They were alive 3000 years ago during the original Dragon-Human War and were among the ones who first started this war, leading all dragons to turn on humans. Today they live as spirits trapped in 8 different Bone-Marks hidden in The Wastelands of Loan. Originally, a map showing the locations of these Bone-Marks was held with the Vysox's Bone-Mark but after Moordryd found this and attempted to obtain them, the gold draconium Dragon Priests intervened and took them all away to a safe location.

As of today, the League of Eight are simply pure black draconium dragons who follow Armeggaddon. It is unknown where these dragons came from; though they resemble the dragons bred by Word Paynn in Episode 24, no pure black dragons were known to have escaped at the end of the episode.[1] The dragons could not have been the original warriors trapped with Armeggaddon either or they would still be the original League of Eight dragons rather than the Bone-Marks we see today.[2] An indication that suggests they are not modern dragons is the colour of their mag streams; it matches the ancient black draconium like that of Armeggaddon, which is a slightly darker purple than that of modern day Black Draconium gear and dragons.



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