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The Down City Council of Twelve are the 12 more important racing crews of downtown Dragon City, who govern themselves and events in Dragon City through democratic council meetings. They act much like a small government figure, with the only ones having more power than them being Dragon City Security. Lead by Phistus, leader of the Grip of the Dragon Crew, the council usually holds meetings to discuss not just racing matters, but security issues and strange activity in the city.

The Council of Twelve

Phistus, as well as several other members, have highlighted that the purpose of the council is to keep everyone united and working together to help prevent another Dragon-Human War. Whilst many, if not all, crews who belong to the council are united against the idea of a war, many of them fight amongst each other for the powerful position as leader that Phistus holds. Meetings are held at the Round Table, a central meeting place in Down City and close to Squire's End. While there should be 12 crews who participate in total, as was the ancient way, many main crews have fallen out of the council for various reasons. It is unknown in the past whether the Ancient Dragon Booster was the one who originally lead this council of 12, considering there are a total of 13 draconium colours when Gold is added to the list. As of now, only a few main crews remain part of this council, but several smaller unnamed crews are present at the meetings, so that all 12 colours are represented for. Evidence for this can be seen in several episodes where Orange Draconium riders are present, despite clearly not belonging to The Prophets Crew.

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