Basic Information
Species Energy-class
Draconium Colour Blue
Human Rider Unknown
Crew Unknown
Crew Position Unknown
Life Status Deceased
Name Pronunciation Samu-Rocks
"Its Blue Draconium acts like a homing device, to those susceptible to its energy. It is draconium taken from an ancient bone-mark; and the voice of the Samurox, the fighter dragon, speaks through it... and calls to him."
Word Paynn[src]

The Samurox, otherwise known as the King of the Fighter Dragons, was once a powerful ancient dragon from 3000 years ago, and was the leader of the Blue Draconium Empire of that age. Today in Dragon City, it exists as a bone-mark much like other ancient dragons.

The Samurox's true form is never revealed in the show as it was attached to Cyrano, a Green Draconium dragon, during Episode 15: The Rules of Power. Khatah was tricked by Word Paynn into opening a strange blue draconium box, containing inside a crystal draconium map that leads him and later Parmon Sean to the bone-mark. Under the influence of such powerful and pure draconium, the Samurox's bone-mark is later discovered by Parmon who gives it to Cyrano.


  • Samurox's screech is substantially different to that of normal blue dragons- it is unknown if this is because the call is unique to Samurox or potentially because the bone-mark was fused to a green dragon and was never completely stable.
  • It is possible that Samurox was the leader of the Blue Draconium Empire.