Basic Information
Draconium Influence Grey
Dragon Unknown
Crew The Mechanists Crew
Crew Position Unknown
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Riv-It
Voice Actor Jonathan Holmes

"Ah, you're beginning to sound like a Mechanist young Artha Penn. You understand that not all in life is black and white- there is much grey!"

Rivett belongs to The Mechanists Crew and while he's the only Mechanist viewers see, he isn't their leader. According to him, his dragon is Libris, but he lies often enough to get what he wants and so whether that is true or not is up for debate. Rivett presents himself as a controversial character and prompts both the audience and characters of the show to question what wrong and right really mean. He did this in Episode 31: No Paynn, No Gain, pointing out to Artha Penn that breaking into the Academy is a crime, yet his intentions behind the crime are good. He makes Artha understand that any situation is never just black or white.

Rivett was kicked out of The Academy for dangerous use and experimentation regarding Grey Draconium. Those who don't know him say he is a shady character and deserved to be kicked out, although Rivett himself hints to the work he was doing as being something good, although never elaborates on it during the show. Despite being kicked out, he does show some protectiveness over the Academy still when finding out that Artha and his friends wanted to break into it (before they tell him their reasons why they want to get in).

He has burgundy-coloured eyes, platinum blond hair and very pale skin. He is known to have a Cockney British accent. He wears his crew's colour grey and holds their insignia on his clothes as well as wearing a heavy hooded cape. On his wrist is always a Grey Draconium bracelet of sorts, which allows him to control gear he lends out to others as well as activate a cloaking device for when he needs to make a stealthy exit.