Details about the Power Booster are disclosed only in Episode 36: Professor Stubborn, where Parmon Sean receives the Green Draconium Amulet of Power from a Green Draconium Dragon Priest. He is also the first Booster to obtain the gauntlet before the amulet.

From this, we can gather that Parmon was designated to be the next Power Booster, but no further mention of it is made and no mention is made to the equivalent ancient Power Booster from 3000 years ago apart from the fact that he lead the Green Draconium Empire and helped the original Dragon Booster stop the Dragon-Human War. It is unknown whether Cyrano will also later receive some sort of transformation to become of pure draconium like the other Booster dragons are.

In the unreleased Episode 0: The Alchemist, it is revealed that Connor Penn eventually found the Bone-Marks of the original Energy, Fire and Power Boosters. It is highly likely that he still has them stored away somewhere today, and the Green Draconium bone-mark of Duryss may be given to Cyrano so that he can become pure and strong.