Basic Information
Draconium Influence Green
Dragon Brutaris
Crew Grip of the Dragon Crew
Crew Position Leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Fis-Tis
Voice Actor Unknown
"Yup, [the jail bars] are still made of unbreakable steel Phistus! Almost as hard as your giant head!"
Kitt Wonn[src]

Phistus is both the leader of the Grip of the Dragon Crew, as well as The Down City Council of Twelve.  He is 17 years old and his primary draconium influence is green. Both him and his Bull-class dragon are very strong- they make up for what they lack in speed with sheer brute force. Instead of a blocking staff, Phistus wields a large green warhammer, as well as sporting metal guard-plates along one of his arms.  He was one of the contenders for a spot in The Academy during Season 3. While he can be extremely stubborn, he makes a good leader in general and always fights for what is right, and is a very big supporter of the Dragon Booster. Phistus is most well known as the all-time Dragon City champion of Dragon Joust.