Penn Racing Crew
Penn crew
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Gold
Leader Artha Penn
Base of Operations Penn Stables
Formed Episode 18: The Leap of Lorius
First Appeared In Episode 1: The Choosing, Part 1
Last Seen In Episode 39: Damaged Goods
Council Crew No

"I'm proud to be your friend... and part of your racing team!"
Kitt Wonn[src]

This crew is the only seen to form throughout the series, with the other crews being previously established before the series began. It is a common misconception that this crew was formed before the series and belonged to Connor Penn; Connor never had a racing crew, as he dedicated his life to breeding Gold Draconium Dragons back into existence, hence his living place being Penn Stables.

While this crew's main draconium colour is gold, this is the only crew known that contains a mix of different coloured dragons, considering there is only one gold dragon left. The crew was officially formed when Artha proved himself a worthy leader to the majority of crews in a major race, and accomplishing The Leap of Lorius.

Being a mix of different colours, this crew not only contains four of the colours of balance but may also contain 4 of the 5 different Boosters, should speculation about the planned identities for some of the Boosters be correct. While the Dragon Booster and Mortis are not directly known to be members of the Penn Racing crew, they are known by other characters to have affiliations to this crew.

Known MembersEdit


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