Parmon Sean
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Green
Dragon Cyrano
Crew Penn Racing Crew
Crew Position Mechanic
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Par-Min Shan
Voice Actor Lee Tockar

17 year old Parmon Sean is Artha's best friend & the technology geek as well as mechanic of the Penn Racing Crew. He can configure gear, modify computers and is one of the inventors of Vidd games. He also has advanced knowledge of just about everything, including draconium, computers, history, racing, physics, and the other crews. He wasn't born in Dragon City and likewise, his parents live in the city he was originally born in.


Parmon stands at 5'10", weights 145lbs and is right-handed. He has dark skin and short, tight curled, brick red hair. He is a little mature-looking for his age, as he already has a T-shaped goatee.


He makes things and usually Artha has to use them, for better or for worse. They usually don't work, and either shut down at a critical time, or malfunction badly. Parmon is the oldest member of the Penn Racing Crew and also acts as Artha's strategist during races. While he's not generally the bravest person, he has been shown to step up to the mark and face his fears when necessary as seen in Episode 36: Professor Stubborn. He likes to plan ahead and would like everyone to follow his plan, but many times he neglects a small detail and Kitt Wonn or Artha's more impulsive plans often work better. While he is mostly known for planning ahead, he has come up with nifty ideas on the spot and have them work out well, such as un-freezing the Dragon Booster near the end of Episode 22: Still Waters Freeze.

His dragon is a green Bull-class dragon named Cyrano. He's known for being slow but strong, and speed is often their last resort- with the help of Red Thruster Gear. Parmon's name is thought to have been derived from the cheese parmesan, hence Parmon Sean. He was teased about this during Episode 10: The Lost Track of Doom, though his friends usually call him Parm. The other alternative thought regarding his nomenclature is that the creators took a common first name, Sean, and a common last name, Parmon, and switch them around to make Parmon Sean.

Much later in the series, Parmon was planned to be the Power Booster, even obtaining the Green Draconium Gauntlet of Power from a Green Draconium dragon priest in Episode 36: Professor Stubborn. Due to the show's cancellation, Parmon never finds the matching amulet.


  • His name "Parmon Sean" is a play on the pronunciation for "parmesan" ("Parmigiano-Reggiano" in Italian), an Italian cheese that who's original Italian name is pronounced "Parmi-jean-o". Artha even intentionally mispronounced his name once as the cheese, whereby Parmon quickly corrected him by saying "It's not pronounced like that!".