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The dragon... is power!

Once they were our equals. Today humans control the dragon... To race, compete, and fight. At nearly 200 MPH.

Now dragons are once again ready to be released... And a powerful, dragon of legend, will choose a young hero to save the planet...



The Dragon Booster Wiki is a site dedicated to the kids TV show Dragon Booster.

The story takes place on the world of Draconis, where two thousand years ago a huge war took place, now called the Dragon-Human War. The only thing that was able to convince dragons and humans to co-exist peacefully was the golden Dragon of Legend rising up and choosing a young rider, called the Dragon Booster, to show everyone that dragons and humans could live together in peace without one controlling the other.

Now humans have been commanding dragons, the very thing the original Dragon Booster sought to prevent. Using them to compete in races and battle one another through the use of various gear. The dragons are growing restless and with no more gold dragon to lead the way, the situation seems hopeless... This is where our story starts, with Connor Penn achieving what was thought impossible, and breeding back into existence one last gold dragon of legend. Now 16 years old, Beau must choose a new Dragon Booster if the world has any hope of preventing another war, whilst trying to stop those who wish to start a new war for their own benefits.

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