Grey Draconium has the wondrous ability to match with and add to any other draconium colour, with gear often turning to that colour when powered up before 'relaxing' back into the grey state. It is depicted as being one of the most powerful and rare draconium colours, being extremely versatile but also unpredictable and dangerous. As revealed in Episode 7: The Horn of Libris, a Grey Draconium dragon could easily be used to start a new Dragon-Human War because in the presence of hostility, Grey-boned dragons use the draconium influence of the dragons and humans around them against themselves, and fuel any present hostility by boosting the energy of the fighters. The current crew who's main influence is Grey Draconium are The Mechanists Crew.

Grey Draconium gear is few and far between, and shown to be only available through Rivett.  He sells Moordryd Paynn a piece of gear that allowed Decepshun's mag energy to go much farther than usual, and Moordryd's other gear to work more efficiently.  Rivett also owns a Grey Draconium cloaking device, located on a bracelet of sorts that allows him to control many different things, including the gear that he sells. In Episode 31: No Paynn, No Gain, the device is shown to be able to deactivate the security devices within The Academy. In the Academy however, experimentation with Grey Draconium is considered too dangerous and illegal, and Rivett was expelled for the work he did on grey gear. Grey gear is small and bio-mechanical in appearance and is used to add power to other gear.

Grey Draconium DragonsEdit

The second oldest dragon breed to the gold dragon, the Grey Draconium dragon is like a raw material dragon. Grey dragons do not race, they do not judge and they do not take sides but The Mechanists that follow them are all about profit; they make their living prospecting this rare draconium which adds power to all others. Grey-bone dragons are known to shed exo-bones, which is the raw material scavenged by the Mechanists and others in order to create Grey Draconium Gear.

The only pure Grey-boned dragon ever revealed in the series was Libris, although Rivett hints to there being more Grey-boned dragons hidden elsewhere, which could explain how he obtained Grey Draconium to experiment with in the first place. He also states that many of the Grey-bone dragons that exist today have simply been hybridised with other draconium colours, and use their impurity to camouflage into society. The best gear type matches for Grey-bone dragons are all colours.

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