Green Draconium is one of the 13 different colours of Draconium found on Draconis and in Dragon City, as well as being one of the five main draconium colours of balance. The current leading and largest crew who's main influence is Green Draconium are the Grip of the Dragon Crew.

People who fall under this color, as displayed by Grip of the Dragon Crew members, greatly value strength, both inside and out. At times they can be stubborn and are not portrayed as academics, but they also values honor which makes them great and true allies. This is best displayed by Phistus who, in spite of having an imposing appearance and temper as well as power over The Down City Council of Twelve, is willing to listen to the Dragon Booster more than other members of the council and refers to him for advice, particularly when dealing how to prevent the oncoming second Dragon-Human War.

Green Draconium Dragons, also known as Bull Class Dragons, are large powerful dragons and very hard to control and master. They respond best to the brute force or incredible will of a rider. They move slowly and no amount of speed or maneuvering gear, short of Red Thruster Gear, can substantially help that. They are best at bashing through obstacles or dragging and pushing other competitors around the track. These stubborn creatures don't mesh well with other dragons or gear types but, they don't really need the help either. Gears which suit with these dragons are Black, Red, and Brown.



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