Basic Information
Species Magma-class
Draconium Colour Red
Human Rider Unknown
Crew Unknown
Crew Position Unknown
Life Status Deceased
Name Pronunciation Fior-Ox

The Furox, also known as the Red Battle Dragon of War, was once an ancient dragon from 3000, fierce and powerful, and one of the dragons who worked against the original Dragon Booster during the Dragon-Human War. It was defeated by the original Beau, and now its spirit lives on in a Bone-Mark.

When Kitt Wonn found the Furox Bone-Mark during Episode 5: Fanning the Flames, she handed it over to Pyrrah when Moordryd Paynn appeared and tried to take it. Enthralled by the Bone-Mark's radiating power, Pyrrah placed it on Phorrj and mutated him into the Furox. It took all of the Penn Racing Crew, a light and a combined mag-blast and Phorrj was turned back to normal. The Bone-Mark was lost according to the other characters, unbeknownst to them that Moordryd had taken it for himself.

In Episode 11: Pride of the Hero, Artha Penn dared Moordryd Paynn to ride Beau, and Moordryd placed the Furox Bone-Mark onto Beau and he mutated just as Phorrj had, and became possessed by the Furox's spirit. Eventually during the episode, Beau breaks free of the Furox's hold. Being of pure draconium, Beau is at a greater disposition to battle the Furox's spirit and he eventually absorbed the Bone-Mark. Through this, Beau would later be able to call upon a Furox Form of himself whenever he needed the form's specialist abilities.



  • It is possible that Furox was the leader of the Red Draconium Empire.