The episode starts off with Moordryd Paynn and Artha Penn battling during a race when Kitt Wonn passes both of them. Artha tries to jump over a hole in the track, but Moordryd stops him from fully making it. Artha barely hags on to the edge. Kitt comes back to save him but first knocks Moordryd off Decepshun's saddle. Artha and Kitt pass Moordryd. Moordryd Blasts Kitt off Wyldfyr. Artha ignores this and crosses the finish line first.

After the race Moordryd tells Kitt that her last place finish kicks her out of the standings. Then two other raecr tell Kitt that thaey have been knocked out of the academy run also and that there's a new training academy called Slithercorp. They say in bypasses academy training Parmon and Artha dont belive that. Moordryd gets suspicious and contacts his father. He just tells Moordryd to stay out of it and get in the academy. Armeggaddon tells Moordryd to watch after his father. Moordryd sends a spy dragon out.

At Penn Stables, Artha and Parmon are lifting heavy boxes. They almost drop one but Kitt helps them. Then Kitt complains about how Kitt always helps the team but gets nothing in return. She then says shes signing up for Slithercorp and mentions that she will probably become an elite class racer before Artha does.

Artha Lance and Parmon Go to investigate Slithercorp. They get scanned by a robot. Artha sneaks around and follows it. It gives a progress report to Word Paynn. Word says that he's planning to make wraith gears for humans and that Kitt will be their leader, and they will attack Dragon City . Artha trys to sneak away but Word alerts security. Parmon is in the middle of an interview when Artha grabs him and Lance and Break into Kitt's testing room. They tell her to leave but Word takes control of her. The boys escape to Penn Stables and discuss a plan with Connor to destroy Word's wraith control transmitter.

Word assembles his army at his citadel Moordryd's spy dragon sees the army at the citadel, then Word unleashes his army, Kitt Leading them. DC Police try to hold them off but they are overpowered. But the Dragon Booster shows up and takes care of most of them easily. But then Kitt Shows up. Meanwhile Lance and Parmon sneak into Word's Citadel.

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