Basic Information
Draconium Influence Black
Dragon Abandonn
Crew N/A
Crew Position N/A
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Drak-Us
Voice Actor Mark Oliver

Drakkus is a powerful warrior and is revealed to be Word Paynn. He named himself in this form after one of the moons of Draconis. The Dragon Booster must face him in "The Return of Drakkus - Part 1 & Part 2". He wears an ancient armour, and it is unknown how he acquired it. The armour originally belonged to an ancient warrior that existed 3000 years ago. Drakkus is able to use a powerful technique known as Mag-Claw, as can Mortis, and eventually both sons, Artha Penn and Moordryd Paynn learn how to as well.

When he first makes his appearance, both he and his dragon are surrounded by a vortex shield of Black Draconium energy that tears much of the wasteland apart as he stalks Artha and the others. He even causes a quake that nearly swallows Parm and Lance. As the episode progresses however, this shield is powered down and he dominates Artha in their first fight.

Drakkus regards the Dragon Booster as both weak and untrained. His main goal appears to be to destroy the Dragon Booster and use the Dragon of Legend to his full potential. Drakkus was too powerful for Artha to defeat alone, and only with the help of Mortis and Tyrannis Pax were they able to deal Drakkus some significant damage.

Drakkus rides a very large and evolved black draconium dragon, Abandonn, (named after the second moon of Draconis) and the dragon's scales are black and dark green with a red stomach. It is unknown how Abandonn gains this colour change when Word uses him as Drakkus, although the change is probably similar to the change Beau and Decepshun go through when their riders make their transformation.