"If you hit the ground, you lose the round!"
Race Marshall Budge[src]

Dragon Joust, or Dragon Jousting, is one type of competition game played in Dragon City by racers and their dragons. This form of competition is most often used by The Down City Council of Twelve, when one person challenges the leader of the council for their right to rule. Ancient laws decree that in situations like this, the best 2 of 3 rounds wins leadership of the council, unless one other person issues a challenge straight after the first winner is determined. Phistus is known as the all-time City jousting champion. Dragon Joust was first introduced in Episode 4: Opposing Force.

The game works by 2 riders gearing up with a jousting shield and staff; some optionally wear battle armour as well. Brown Bashing gear or Green Ramming gear are often used on the dragons to protect themselves from damage. The 2 racers charge down a narrow stretch at each other, with a low barrier wall separating them, and aim to knock the other rider off their dragon using the jousting staff, while also trying to defend themselves with the shield. The game will continue until someone wins best 2 out of 3 rounds; there is only a winner in a round if one of the riders hits the floor. If no one hits the floor for the round, the game goes on.

Toy VersionEdit

Lance Penn is frequently shown in different episodes playing with a toy version of this game. The toy set consists of a remote-controlled dragon, who holds a rider on its back with a jousting staff in attack position, and a small group of miniature people. In a tenpin-bowling style, the little people are lined up as targets, and the child uses the dragon to knock over the targets. In many cases though, Lance is seen ramming the toy into people's feet, sometimes with good consequences like distracting Cain from his Wraith dragon controls or in (most) other cases, hurting Parmon Sean.