Dragon Eye Crew
Dragon eye crew
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Black
Leader Moordryd Paynn
Base of Operations Dragon Eye Crew Compound
Formed Before the series began
First Appeared In Episode 1: The Choosing, Part 1
Last Seen In Episode 39: Damaged Goods
Council Crew Yes
"Some racers have their methods, I have mine. If I’m the last one standing, I still win."
Moordryd Paynn[src]

Sneaky, cunning, and adept, the Dragon Eyes have a large fortified base that's carefully guarded. Their dragons tend to be quadrupedal and their main draconium color of influence is black.

Led by the ambitious Moordryd Paynn, the Dragon Eye Crew favors mind powered Psi-Class Black draconium dragons and their gear to instill fear and intimidation in opponents, draining them of both energy and will. The deceptive and tricky Dragon Eye Crew is one of the most powerful and feared in Down City Crews and 3000 years ago, was part of the dangerous Black Draconium Empire that started the original dragon-human war.

Known Members Edit