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Dragon City it the biggest city on Draconis, the world where the tv show Dragon Booster takes place. It is made up of several layers and extends for twenty kilometers (12 and a half miles) up into the sky. However, there isn't a problem with air or anything because Dragon City was built into a sort of pit.

The 'layers' of Dragon City are as follows: Sun City, Mid City, Work Town, Precinct, Shadow Town, Down City, and Old City.

Sun City is where the most influential people; main government; and rich, elite racers live. Buildings seem almost impossible in appearance, and are surrounded by twisting track. Word Paynn's cathedral pierces the sunshine with the very tip of its spire. However, as surreal as it might be, it lasts only for the top kilometer.

For the next five kilometers, is Mid City, where much of the rest of the population lives. It's very commercial, having huge billboard screens for both broadcasting races and advertising products. This is where Penn Stables has its base, and where much of the academy racing takes place.

When Work Town was built five hundred years ago, a huge industrialization period took place. Now everything down there looks old and worn out, though the machines down there are in almost constant use. The three kilometer deep industrial are is where much of the rest of the population work to make gear of various draconium types, not all of which ends up in the general market. Supports for the city above Work Town are visible here, reinforcing the dirty, manufactured look.

[[Preccinct separates the orderly uppercity from the lawless lower depths of Shadowtown, Down City, and Old City. It's almost more modern than Sun City, and is the Dragon City Police base. While only about 1.4 kilometers in actual height, it can be seen in parts of Work Town and Shadow Town, and also has long tubular arms for dispatching police and vehicles all over Dragon City.

Shadow Town is about 4.8 kilometers high and is even more mechanical than Work Town, having many plants to produce power for Dragon City that's not draconium power. There are very few people down there to keep the plants in working order, but they have acute senses of duty. Just as there is no light from Work Town down, there is even less here.

Down City is where much of the Black Market is, and where most of Word Paynn's cathedral is, as well as housing Squire's End, and hence Moordryd Paynn's base. Down City crews live here, as well as lower-income families, and they live in densely packed apartments. No sunlight reaches down here, considering none reaches Shadow Town either.

Very few people even know about Old City, let alone dare to live there. These people include Mortis, the Keepers, the Dragon Flares, and wild creatures. The Dragon Priests have their temple on this level, and, as shown by The Alchemist, episode 0, both Word and Connor Penn have trained there. Any machinery that's left after 3000 years is ancient and mysterious, only able to be powered by pure draconium.

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