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As has been been stated in several later episodes of Dragon Booster, there is more than one Booster. Each of these Boosters will have one of the five colours of balance:

  • Gold (The Dragon Booster)
  • Black (The Shadow Booster)
  • Blue (The Energy Booster, as confirmed by The Story Hat themselves)
  • Green (The Power Booster)
  • Red (The Fire Booster).

According to the tablet in "The Return of Drakkus: Part 1", all of these Boosters will be needed to stop the impending dragon-human war, and to bring balance. So far, the Dragon Booster and the Shadow Booster are the only ones to have been revealed in full armour, those two being Artha Penn and Moordryd Paynn.

The Boosters, much like the Dragon Booster himself, are chosen ones who are granted the gauntlet and amulet of one of the previous Boosters from the first dragon-human war. Like the Dragon Booster, once they place the amulet into the gauntlet with a phrase to unlock their Booster form, they are given a special suit of armour, and their overall ablilities are enhanced such as strength, defense, and power. They are also given special attributes at certain times.

The dragon of each Booster is also changed to become a pure draconium dragon of that respective Booster's colour draconium. Like their Booster riders, their abilities are also enhanced, such as strength, defense, and how much mag-energy they can harness. They are also given special attributes. However, whether or not the Booster's dragon becomes purely that draconium when transformed is debatable, as Decepshun needed the enhancement of both a black draconium mutation pod, and even a bonemark.

The Dragon BoosterEdit

The Dragon Booster is the most important of the Five Boosters of Balance. The Dragon Booster's primary draconium influence is Gold, the most powerful of all draconium colours. The armour of the Dragon Booster is depicted as being blue, with gold-plated breastplates, gauntlets, dragon-head-shaped shoulder pads, and boots. A blue and gold helmet that looks similar to the head of a dragon is attached to the Dragon Booster's head, and has a dark tint, making it impossible to see the Dragon Booster's eyes. The Dragon Booster rides the Black and Gold Dragon of Legend, the most powerful and balanced of all pure draconium dragons.

3,000 years ago, the original Dragon Booster was said to be reluctant and ready to give up, but because of his allies, renewed his strength, and with the help of the original Black and Gold Dragon of Legend turned all the enemy dragons to pure gold and ceased the war. He has also worked together with the Shadow Booster, despite being enemies.

In present day Dragon City, Artha Penn is the Dragon Booster, and his dragon is the current Black and Gold Dragon of Legend, Beaucephalis. He first appeared as the Dragon Booster in "The Choosing: Part 2" (Episode 2).

Dragon Booster Painting

Original Dragon Booster

How Artha Penn Became the Dragon BoosterEdit

Beau being a Black and Gold dragon bred by Connor Penn, was at an age where he was eligible to choose the next Dragon Booster of the new age, so Connor held a presentation to several highly trained street racers of Beau as a Star-class dragon, who could mag all gear. During this presentation, Conner gives his son Artha a gold draconium, star-shaped amulet. He tells Artha that when he himself was 16-years-old, he was given this amulet by a secret order of Dragon Priests, who warned him that another dragon-human war would happen sooner than expected. He then explains that Beau can stop the war, and that when Beau chooses a true human hero, that its full powers can be released, and that human would become the Dragon Booster. Artha asks why the amulet is being given to him then, and Connor tells him that once Beau chooses a rider, and a star emblem identical to the star of the amulet appears on Beau's forehead, that rider is the chosen one, and is to be given the amulet.

Unfortunately that day, Beau rejects every racer that attended, including Kitt Wonn, who arrives late but is well-known for being one of the most popular street racers. Connor begs Artha to try, despite Artha not being a racer, and even offers Artha his old racing jacket. Artha, despite explaining why he could not possibly be the chosen one, reluctantly insists and attempts to ride Beau. However, due to spotting a Draconee-Yum bar, Beau ends up pushing Artha off before he could even sit on Beau. Heavily embarrassed, Artha tosses Connor back his jacket before storming back inside the house.

Later, after the Dragon Eyes ambushed Penn Stables to kidnap Beau, Beau escapes and rescues Artha from the burning interiors of Penn Stables' house. As Artha sits on Beau, the star emblem Connor had mentioned earlier appears on his forehead, indicating that Artha, in fact, has been chosen to be the Dragon Booster. Connor, however, has suddenly disappeared, presumed dead or missing. Because of this incident, Artha must earn money to provide for Lance and himself, and disguises himself as a street racer. To also stay incognito, Beau changes his colouring from a black and gold dragon, to a simple blue and red design.

When Artha and Beau discover a hidden underground passage to Penn Stables, they find the Dragon Priest Mortis, and Artha is given the gauntlet to fully become the Dragon Booster, and prevent a dragon-human war as well as other arising issues occuring in Dragon-City, while saving and protecting his own friends and family.

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Dragon Booster is given the abilities of enhanced strength, defense, stamina, and energy. This has been proven by Anas hussein as the Dragon Booster stopping a rather heavy sign from falling on a woman and her child in "Opposing Force (Episode 4) and from him deflecting a green attack gear ball with his arm alone in "The Choosing: Part 2" (Episode 2). The Dragon Booster also has a set of glider wings on his back, which was first shown in "Broken Bonds". He can also merge with Beau to become one and enhance their focus.

As the Dragon of Legend, Beau's abilities have also been enhanced, and he is capable of performing many feats, including very high mag-jumps and powerful mag-streams. His most notable feat is the ability to be the only dragon that can fly: while falling, he extends his frontal legs, and two frilled-wings pop out. He can also generate a shield around him, and with the ability of the absorbed Furox Bonemark and liquid black draconium - that Word Paynn created - that was consumed accidentally by him, both of which allowed him to expand his claws so he can latch onto solid ground, and perform the respectively colored mag-blasts. A little note: who ever says he is stronger in those forms than he is in his original form is wrong.

The Shadow Booster is Moordryd PaynnEdit

The Shadow Booster is arguably the second-most powerful of the Five Boosters of Balance. The Shadow Booster's primary draconium influence is Black, the most influencial of the draconium colours. The armour of the Shadow Booster is depicted with dark colours of purple, maroon and black, with gray-plated, black shoulder pads and gauntlets, and the Dragon Eye symbol directly in the middle of the chest. A full-face black mask with a flowing purple "tail" behind it is placed on the Shadow Booster's head, and the eyes glow fiery-like, similar to the eyes of Armeggaddon. The Shadow Booster rides a pure black draconium dragon. Edit

3,000 years ago, the original Shadow Booster was most likely part of the Black Draconium Empire, though it is unconfirmed. It is also unknown whether or not Armeggaddon was the original Shadow Booster, though most likely he is not since the original Shadow Booster and original Dragon Booster were seen fighting together and Armegaddon seeks to take over through a Dragon-Human War. He had also worked together with the Dragon Booster, despite being enemies.

In present day Dragon City, Moordryd Paynn is the Shadow Booster, and his dragon is the morphed pure black draconium dragon, Decepshun. He first appeared as the Shadow Booster in "Paynn Rising".

The Power BoosterEdit

How Parmon Sean is the Power BoosterEdit

It seems very likely that Parmon Sean will become the next Power Booster, as his primary draconium influence is Green, and in "Professor Stubborn" (Episode 36), he was given possession of the Power Booster gauntlet through a series of trials. This marks him as the first Booster to obtain the gauntlet first before obtaining the amulet. As of current standings, he has not found the fokio the green dragon of legend .

The Fire BoosterEdit

Fire Booster

How Kitt Wonn is the Fire BoosterEdit

It seems very likely that Kitt Wonn will become the next Fire Booster, as her primary draconium influence is Red, and she is a close ally of the Dragon Booster. She was also seen paying her respects to a portrait of the original Fire Booster located in the Racing Adacemy in "No Paynn, No Gain" (Episode 31). This can be seen as foreshadowing. As of current standings, she has not found the amulet or gauntlet.

The Energy BoosterEdit

It is undecided to the viewer audience as whether Lance Penn will be the Energy Booster, due to his young age. Most likely, however, he will be chosen as this Booster. As of current standings, the Energy Booster has not found the amulet or gauntlet. there is further evidence to support lance in the horn of libris episode where beau takes Lance's blue draconium energy as opposed to Katah's so he can equalise Libris.It should be noted that Beau took draconium energy from the other boosters as well as Lance, making it seem more likely he is the energy booster

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