Dragon Booster
DB 2
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Gold
Dragon Beau
Crew Penn Racing Crew
Crew Position Leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Dragon Booster
Voice Actor Matt Hill

"Release the dragon!"
Artha Penn

The Dragon Booster is the person chosen by the gold dragon of legend, named Beaucephalis, to be the saviour of Draconis. The first Dragon Booster's name hasn't been mentioned, though his dragon's name was the same as the current one. The Dragon Booster is characterized by his long helmet, ancient Gold Draconium armour, and a gold dragon. This armour not only provides extra defensive and strength capabilities for the rider, but also includes a glide-pack system comprised of wide wings that fold into the back of the armour.

The first Dragon Booster stopped a Dragon-Human War through the image of dragons and humans co-operating. He was helped by four other boosters: Fire Booster, Shadow Booster, Power Booster and Energy Booster, each using one of the five colours of balance. Thousands of years after the war, another is threatening to emerge, and so Artha Penn is chosen by Beau to stop it before it begins in Episode 1: The Choosing, Part 1.

The Dragon Booster is the most important of the Five Boosters of Balance. The Dragon Booster's primary draconium influence is Gold, the most powerful of all draconium colours. The armour of the Dragon Booster is depicted as being blue, with gold-plated breastplates, gauntlets, dragon-head-shaped shoulder pads, and boots. A blue and gold helmet, that looks similar to the head of a dragon, is attached to the Dragon Booster's head, with a dark-tinted visor, making it impossible to see the Dragon Booster's eyes and most of their face. The Dragon Booster rides the Black and Gold Dragon of Legend, the most powerful and balanced of all pure draconium dragons.