Basic Information
Species Bull-class
Draconium Colour Green
Human Rider Parmon Sean
Crew Penn Racing Crew
Crew Position Mechanic
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Sira-No

Cyrano is Parmon Sean's dragon, a green Bull-class dragon. He's not made for speed, but if he needs it, he'll speed past anyone else with high-level Red Thruster Gear, of course at the expense of his draconium levels. Cyrano doesn't race and instead usually provides back-up to Artha and the Dragon Booster, or just helps carry Parmon and his gear around.

In Episode 15: The Rules of Power, he became possessed by the Samurox bone-mark, but was eventually released from its grip thanks to the Dragon Booster. Thanks to the fact that he was of green draconium and this was a blue draconium bone-mark, it wasn't too difficult to remove from Cyrano, and he helped throw the bone-mark again, and it hasn't appeared in the series since.