Connor Penn
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Blue
Dragon Tyrannis Pax
Crew Penn Racing Crew
Crew Position Advisor
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Con-a
Voice Actor Garry Chalk
"The one Beau chooses, will be the Dragon Booster"
―Connor Penn[src]

Connor Jacksun Penn is the 47 year old owner and establisher of Penn Stables, father of Artha Penn and enemy of Word Paynn. He graduated from training in both The Academy and as a student of the Dragon Priests, and is best known for breeding a new Gold Dragon of Legend; Beaucephalis. He was married to Fira Penn; not much is known about her, or his relationship with her, as she had already passed away when the series began.

From a very young age, Connor trained with the Dragon Priests, along with Word. By age fifteen, the two friends were now rivals and have been bickering with each other ever since, much like Artha Penn and Moordryd Paynn. Word was well aware that Connor was trying hard to breed a new dragon of legend, whilst also breeding dragons for other racers; Beau's father Cephyiss was raced by the elite class racer Kadmyss. Eventually Connor produced an egg with a good amount of gold draconium, which would become Beau, but almost lost the egg to Word's ambition for power.

For most of the series, Connor hides himself as the character Mortis, to allow Artha to develop on his own without relying so much on his father, as well as to watch over his two sons with minimal interference. Up until Episode 26: The Return of Drakkus, Part 2 where he reveals his true identity, Connor was thought to have passed away when the Stables burned down in Episode 1: The Choosing, Part 1.


  • The official website lists Connor's main draconium influence as Brown, whereas Mortis is listed as Blue. It is unknown whether this is a mistake, whether both colours influence him equally or if the two characters were originally planned to be different people. However this isn't the first time a mistake has been spotted on the website, so blue draconium has been listed here considering his dragon was (originally) of blue draconium.