Dragons are large reptiles of great strength and speed, and one of 2 dominant races in the world of Draconis (with others being mankind).


Unlike dragons who portrayed in other fictions and legends, dragons in this series are portrayed with physiology resembling that of real-life dinosaurs. For example, dragons don't have wings and can't fly nor do they breathe fire. Dragons from this series instead possess ability to manipulate "mag energy" for a variety of purposes including defence and offence.

Dragons have the ability to run at great speeds for extended periods. The fastest dragons are able to reach speeds of around 200 MPH (over 300 KPH). This makes them ideal for racing; a central plot to the series.

Dragons are highly intelligent, with many recognising they are as intelligent as humans, though lack the ability to speak the same language as humans. The series has shown them to communicate vocally amongst their own species though, and one dragon in particular has been shown to speak coherently through his rider and exhibits human-level reasoning and planning abilities through this. It is unclear how much dragons communicate among themselves and to what extent the vocal communication between their own species are.

Average adult dragons are stated as weighing around 10 tons (roughly 9,000 kg) and are perhaps 20-25 feet in length. However, giant sized dragons also exist; these are often referred to as being "fully evolved" dragons, which are achieved through specific procedures involving a human partner. Other causes for dragons to become giant are currently unknown.

Dragons can be either bipedal or quadrupedal. It appears that their draconium color determines this to some degree, though series creators have stated in the past that any draconium color can take on either form. Certain heavy dragon classes (such as Green and Brown Draconium) have hooves while the rest of the dragons have clawed feet. How absolute these characteristics are for a particular color of draconium is unknown.

Lifespan and Life CycleEdit

Dragons hatch from relatively small eggs that are about the size of a large ostrich egg. Dragons appear to grow quickly, and Beau is stated to be full grown at age 16. A dragon's life span is unknown, however some characters in the series have referred to certain dragons living for thousands of years old; the reliability of these statements is unknown though.

Draconium and Mag EnergyEdit

Dragons are distinguished from other animals in the Dragon Booster world by their draconium and mag abilities. All other animals and the humans themselves lack these characteristics.

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