Army of the Dragon Crew
Army Crew symbol
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Purple
Leader Wulph
Base of Operations Unknown
Formed Before the series began
First Appeared In Episode 13: The Chromatic Dragon
Last Seen In Unknown
Council Crew Yes

"Today... the Army of the Dragon thinks for itself!"

The conniving Wulph leads the pack-minded Army of the Dragon Crew, which believe that true strength is in numbers. Rarely are Wulph and Ferryt apart from their dragons, unless they're in the council chamber. This team is known for being the best at The Tandem Hunt competition.

This crew and their Purple Draconium Pack-class dragons and gear are all about overwhelming opponents with swarming group tactics. Part of the treacherous Purple Draconium Empire in the original Dragon-Human War, this unpredictable crew can be equally dangerous to both adverasires and allies alike.

This crew originally worked with Word Paynn but decided to have a change of heart after the Dragon Booster made them realise that what they were doing was going against their true wishes. In the end, they helped the Dragon Booster, but are still known to change sides very quickly, making them highly untrustworthy.

Known MembersEdit