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"War has come to Dragon City... Beau and I are the only things that stand in its way. We have allies sure, many dragons... many humans. But the responsibility is so great, they want a leader. What if I lead them wrong? Still... I am the Dragon Booster. And I've got to try!"
―Ancient Dragon Booster[src]

The original Dragon Booster was a young man chosen by the original Dragon of Legend, also named Beaucephalis, to help end the Dragon-Human war 3000 years ago. He had to work together with the other Boosters to show everyone that dragons and humans could live together without controlling one another.

The original Dragon Booster was said to be reluctant and ready to give up, but because of his allies, renewed his strength, and with the help of the original Black and Gold Dragon of Legend turned all the enemy dragons to pure gold and ceased the war. He has also worked together with the Shadow Booster.