Ancient Beaucephalis
Dragon Booster Painting
Basic Information
Species Star-class
Draconium Colour Gold
Human Rider Ancient Dragon Booster
Crew Unknown
Crew Position Leader
Life Status Deceased
Name Pronunciation Bow (weapon)

Beaucephalis, also known as Beau, was the first Dragon of Legend who stopped the original Dragon-Human War and turned all dragons back to gold with the help of the Ancient Dragon Booster. He was the last gold Star-class dragon and the ancestor of Beaucephalis.

At some point, Beau chose a human to become the first Dragon Booster and together, they defeated the The Dragon League of Eight and Armeggaddon with the help of the other four boosters; the Shadow Booster, the Fire Booster, the Power Booster and the Energy Booster, ending the Dragon-Human War.