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Calling All Active Users

I've recently adopted this Wiki and if anyone's been here lately they would have seen the transformations I have made. I'm striving to bring this Wiki up to scratch and make it as good as it should be. If there are any users who still browse this Wiki but don't edit, please leave a comment! Let me know I'm not alone in this! We can all work together to restore the current pages and then build the Wiki further. I've set up a proper forum, external to this Wiki for people to go to if they want a place to chat and hang out, and I've re-made the old petition to get new episodes of Dragon Booster going. I own all the episodes of the series and I'm striving to upload them onto a Youtube channel so that all may enjoy this series; that old fans may re-watch the show and that new fans catch on to the series.
I'm also wanting to reach out to the former bureaucrats of this Wiki. In an attempt to polish up the Wiki so that new contributors aren't scared by inactive users, I would like inactive admins to have their rights removed. When I first found this Wiki, I was appalled at the layout, and so was Wikia Staff so much so that they had to edit the layout in order to let me even adopt this place. Not only that, but many of the people who have bureaucrat status have been using this Wiki to propagate their personal Dragon Booster fanfictions instead of actually working on the Wiki and making it as good as it can be (apart from the fact that this is a factual Dragon Booster Wiki), not to mention that half of those users have less than 20 edits each to boot. For these 4 reasons, I have the opinion that inactive admins should have their rights removed. I ask that any community members reply to this post with their opinions on what should be done about the inactive admins, if you agree or disagree with me. Please let me know how you feel on this and contribute any new ideas!
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